27th October – Buddha’s descent

On 2021 October 27, we celebrate the most auspicious day that Buddha descended from god realm. Buddha’s mother died shortly after the birth of Buddha and reincarnated in the god realms. Buddha went to the god realms to teach the Dharma to his mother, due to this, this day is celebrated as Buddha’s descent from the god realms. May we, like the Buddha, benefit all our loving mothers since beginningless time, help them gain happiness, and finally achieve Buddhahood!

~ GN

Lhabab Düchen

“The mind is everything. What you think you become” – Gautama Buddha

Lhabab Düchen celebrates the ‘ Descent of Buddha from the god realms’ — it is one of the four major Buddhist holidays. It occurs on the 22nd day of the ninth Tibetan month. Buddha’s mother Mayadevi was reborn in Indra’s heaven. To repay her kindness and to liberate her, and also to benefit the gods, Buddha spent three months teaching in the realm of the gods.

These auspicious occasions (düchen) inspire us to practice and engage in various virtuous activities. For instance making offerings, reciting mantras, prayers, and lighting butter lamps and benefiting others.

It is said the merit generated is multiplied by many times.

2021 Mandala Offering Practice

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In order to reduce negative obstacles in the practice of the students, and to accumulate vast merits, HH Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche advocates that students all over the world engage in Mandala offering practices together.

Proposed period of practice:
01 January to 31 December 2021

What is the objective of the Mandala practice? It purifies negative karma and accumulates merit, not just for ourselves, but for all beings.

Therefore, the Mandala offering practice is a valuable and profound cause for accumulating merit on the path of which the end result is enlightenment, we need to accumulate a vast abundance of merit and wisdom, which is also indispensable in the path toward attaining Buddhahood. All practitioners aspire for great wisdom; beside listening, contemplating and practicing, wisdom is mainly acquired through accumulating vast merit.

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The Empowerment of Kalachakra, King Gesar and Zambhala – Hong Kong (2017)

Tashi delek!

I like to invite all to join me in Hong Kong, for The Empowerment of Kalachakra, King Gesar and Zambhala, on 25-26 November 2017, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

(For more details, please refer to the poster in this post. )


Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Lighting up Lumbini in the Night (Part 3)

Many Sanghas and lay-people played very important roles throughout the whole month in Lumbini. Their dedications are deep within their hearts. No bright sun or strong winds or bad weather can deter them in lighting up the butter lamps each night.




Many monasteries in the Lumbini Developement Trust Area participated in the light offering event by opening up their monasteries areas and allow butter lamps to be lighted every night.





Many pilgrams who stayed within the monasteries in the Lumbini Development Trust area joined light offerings along the river and in various monasteries.



Many local Nepaleses  joined in the light offering as one of them said that she has never seen so many butter lamps being lighted in Lumbini before and she wanted very much to be a part of the event.


Many new friendships were made as many gathered to light the lamps. One who came from a faraway land in the west said he felt very much at home even though he has never met anyone before and this is his first time in Lumbini.


As each butter lamp is being lighted, one more heart is being connected.


Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Lighting up Lumbini in the Night (Part 2)

It is really amazing to see that everyone’s mind is very focus on lighting up each lamps. Sometimes there is this strong gust of wind passing by, and many lamps are put out in a sudden. But this did not deter the volunteers to quickly light them over and over again, competing with the wind, and against time.





In order to ensure all 10 million lamps are lighted within the month, at least 300 thousand butter lamps must be lighted each day. This challenge did not deter everyone to be creative in laying out the lamps. There are many impressive designs, which changes each day depending on everyone’s inspiration.


Whether it is sitting down on the floor and chanting mantra at the same time, or standing up, everyone is very determined to meet the target of lighting up at least 300 thousand butter lamps each day. In fact in several occasions, the volunteers manage to light up more than 400 thousand butter lamps in a day.





“Tadyatha Pancandriya .. Avabodhanaye Svaha..” — soft humming of the light offering mantra can be heard in many corners in Lumbini where butter lamps are being lighted. Everyone is praying, and making wishes as per the light offering prayer (Translated by Adam Pearcey, Rigpa Translations, 2010):

May this vessel become as vast as the entire billionfold universe!
May its wick grow as large as Sumeru, the king of mountains!
May the oil within become as vast as the great ocean at the edge of the world!
And may a billion such lamps appear before each and every buddha!
Their light banishing the darkness of ignorance everywhere,
From the very peak of existence down to the lowest hell, may they reveal all the realms of buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout the ten directions!

Om Vajra Aloké Ah Hung

Emaho! This wondrous and amazing light, burning brightly,
I offer to the thousand buddhas of this fortunate age,
Gurus, yidam deities, dakinis and dharmapalas,
And the deities of all the mandalas,
In all the infinite realms of the ten directions.
May all beings, with my own parents foremost among them,
In this and in all lives to come, whatever our place of birth,
Always see directly the perfect buddhas’ realms,
And remain forever inseparable from Amitabha, ‘Lord of Boundless Light’—
Grant your blessings so that, through the power of the truth
Of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, and the deities of the Three Roots,
This prayer of aspiration may swiftly be fulfilled!

Tadyatha Pancandriya Avabodhanaye Svaha




Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Lighting up Lumbini in the Night (Part 1)

Throughout the period of 30-days, many volunteers, visitors and tourist put in their hearts and souls to contribute in the lighting up 10-million lamps. Here are just some of the beautiful images in hope to capture each tranquil moment …













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