Faith is a way for us to get closer to great wisdom, to elevate our realization, and to quickly rekindle to great wisdom. However it is not the ultimate realization.

~ GN ~

The path of wisdom

The great and divine men in the world come neither from the emptiness (akasa) nor from the realm. They were ordinary people just like each of us, but after meeting a wise teacher, they followed the path of wisdom. Through unremitting efforts, they eventually became extraordinary people.

~ GN

Improving the quality of life

When you are happy, don’t be overly excited. Use the right mindfulness and awareness to protect your renunciation and bodhicitta. When you are suffering, don’t exaggerate it as if you are the unluckiest person in the world. Use both suffering and happiness in practice. When we are happy, stick to your practice and don’t be arrogant or become lazy. Do not give up when you are suffering, instead, have a strong inner strength that can overcome all difficulties. In this way, the overall quality of life will be vastly improved.

~ GN


Practice means constantly practicing, listening to all kinds of unpleasant speech and seeing all kinds uncomfortable happenings. In fact, samsara does not distinguish between pure and impure. Everything is actually pure in the first place. Pure and impure are simply determined by your own state of mind. Master Huineng said, “Since all is void, where can the dust alight?” Everyone may memorize this, but they don’t practice it. So there is no use knowing more if you don’t practice.

Just like staying fit and healthy, you need to exercise regularly.

~ GN

Using wealth and reputation wisely

We live in a developing society and need to work to earn a living. However, we need not be too attached to these concerns. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of suffering for ourselves. Rather, we should use wealth and reputation wisely, to accumulate merits and contribute to the society.

~ GN

The wall

From the level of conceptuality, this is a wall…
Analyzed with wisdom, this is an illusory object…
From within a state of realisation, it is me.
~ Gyalwai Nyugu


How to practice Guru Yoga

Someone said he did not know how to practice Guru Yoga. I told him, then think of your Guru and allow your tears to flow. Think of how well he treated you, think of every moment you have spent with him…. this is Guru Yoga.

~ Gyalwai Nyugu



Listening and practising

Many Buddhist practitioners do not listen to the Guru’s pith instructions and teachings. They use their own persistent habits to create and modify their understanding of Buddhism. Their wrong ideas and concepts are fixed and hard to adjust, and just cannot be transformed. The more books they read, the more discrimination they have in their mind. The more they understand the Buddha Dharma, the more complicated their thinking becomes. Negative views arise when they see the monastics, and when they see the Guru and the Three Jewels, they have no་devotion. They cannot find direction in their practice, get more confused as they practice, and eventually they lose their way. The reason is that they have not really practiced, where there their ( recognition of ) the enlightened energy of their mind is insufficient.
~ Gyalwai Nyugu

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