We are travellers

Be grateful each morning when you wake up as it is another beautiful and meaningful day. We are travellers (in this journey called life), and are full of dust while on the road. Do not wait until it is lost to realize that simple and health is a kind of treasure. Do not wait until you need to leave (this world) to appreciate that what you have is precious.

~ GN

Electricity through a wire

True nature of mind (Rigpa) and manifestations (appearances) are like electricity in a lamp. There is Rigpa within our lives, it exists although we cannot see it. For example, you cannot see when the electricity travels through a wire, but it does exist. You just need to turn on the switch and the lamp lights up. Through the pith instructions and guidance of the Guru, we settle in the natural relaxed state of Rigpa. The same applies to Rigpa and manifestations, they are inherently one, do not comprehend them as being two separate things.

~ GN

A single flower

Happiness and unhappiness is determined by your personal perception. Throughout the whole of spring, it is possible where you might not notice a single flower, however you may also discover spring in a single flower.

~ GN

Vegetable garden

If you eat the vegetables planted in the tiny patch in your garden, they may soon be all gone. What should you do? You should plant more vegetables in another area of the garden before these are harvested. The same principle applies to merit. It is very important for us to plant our seeds of merit early.


Open your mind

People, you must truly open your minds. Otherwise our minds will be attached to everything, and this will really be suffering (as a result). Do liberate your mind and attain real freedom and happiness!

~ GN


People, when their mind is particularly agitated, being fully aware, they might still collide with those standing in front of them. This is not surprising at all. If the mind is lost, the eyes do not see clearly the directions. However, if the mind is clear, it is not possible for any “collision”.

~ GN


Faith is a way for us to get closer to great wisdom, to elevate our realization, and to quickly rekindle to great wisdom. However it is not the ultimate realization.

~ GN ~

The path of wisdom

The great and divine men in the world come neither from the emptiness (akasa) nor from the realm. They were ordinary people just like each of us, but after meeting a wise teacher, they followed the path of wisdom. Through unremitting efforts, they eventually became extraordinary people.

~ GN

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