Longsal Nyingpo

11-JLPLongsal Nyingpo (1625-1682): Famous terton or treasure revealer of Kathok Monastery. Also known as Rigdzin Longsal Nyingpo or Essence of the Clear Expanse. Believed to be an incarnation of Chokro Luyi Gyaltsen, one of the twenty-five close disciples of Padmasambhava who transcribed and helped Guru Padmasambhava conceal terma treasures. Current nirmanakaya emanation as His Holiness Lama Achuk Rinpoche of the Nyingma Sect.

The Tibet Plateau, land of snow, has been a sacred place for unbroken transmission of Buddha dharma. Numerous emanations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have emerged there, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The pure streams of their Dharma teachings irrigated the soil of the minds of the local Tibetans. An emanation of Padmasambhava – the great Terton Longsal Nyingpo was born in Litang County of East Tibet where holy symbols of Buddha Dharma can be seen everywhere. During his childhood his family was very poor. He had to look after the herds of a wealthy landlord of the Aku area. At that time he followed Kathog Dampa Gyamtsog and Ga Choejyong Gyamtsog and other great masters. He was given his first dharma name “Wangdza Gyamtsog” when he received the Ripening Empowerment and the teaching of Mahamudra and Dzogchen in Union. He also received the uncommon secret mind transmission of “Gompa Sandtar” transmitted from Ado Genchoe Jyongnie and many other secret teachings. Every day, while herding the stock, he practiced the Dharma. He demonstrated miracles like discovering treasures from rocks and leaving hand and foot prints in rocks. Later he exerted himself to asceticism like Venerable Milarepa in tranquil places like Choelung Cliff for years. During his practice, he witnessed the peaceful and wrathful deities as described in Tantras and was protected and served by all dharmapalas. He then went to Powo to follow the great Terton Rigdzin Duddul Dorje from whom he received the Four Empowerments of the Great Perfection and recognized Rigdzin Duddul Dorje as his root guru. Based on the prophecy in many treasure scriptures, Rigzin Duddul Dorje recognized Longsal Nyingpo as the emanation of two disciples of Padmasambhava-Rangdro Lotsawa and Gyalwa Choeying – in and prophesised that he would reveal many treasure teachings.

Those prophecies became true. Once Ven Longsal Nyingpo gathered a group of monks at the bank of a lake to make a puja offering. At the end of the ceremony, he commanded the monks to beat the drums, strike gongs and chant Padmasambhava’s mantra uninterruptedly. He then walked into the lake with an oil lamp in his right hand. After two or three days had passed he had still not reappeared from the water. Everybody thought he would not return and they stopped chanting. However, seven days later, Longsal Nyingpo emerged from another smaller lake. On another day, he got permission from the King of Litang to discover some treasure in the Zharga Divine Mountain. Hearing of this, some jealous monks created many hindrances along the way. They even placed shoes bottom-up on top of their heads as a destructive sign to his undertaking. However, these lowly actions of these people did not hinder him and instead became an ornament to this treasure finding, as what was revealed was the “Wrathful Guru Padmasambhava Sadhana”. Longsal Nyingpo revealed many treasures and teachings in the Khemelung Dorje (“Unchangeable Vajra”) Divine Mountain. He also demonstrated many miracles like subduing demons and riding a heavenly steed across the sky.

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