Padmasambhava and Tibetan Buddhism

padmasambhava-1E Ma Ho! The fantastic Dharmadhatu is as broad and boundless as the universe. It is beyond imagination and discrimination by the dualistic consciousness. Due to karma and mental distortion initiated instantaneously, like tides appear in the sea, unlimited physical and mental worlds have emerged like a mirage. All beings have been led into the cycles of living and dying by their karma, which is in turn caused by differential attachments. Therefore, with secret mind transmission, the Five Buddha Families emerged from the awareness of the Primordial Samanthabhadra. And then in response to the karma of all sentient beings, countless Buddhas illusorily emanate from the unshaken rigpa to benefit all sentient beings.

The supreme nirmanakaya Buddha Shakyamuni attained Buddhahood at Bodhigaya in India. From then on, Buddhist Dharma started to spread in this world. Several hundred years later, the second Budddha, Padmasambhava, was born in a lotus in the kingdom of Uddiyana as prophesied by Buddha Shakyamuni. Padmasambhava subdued and converted demons and externalists with his wrathful power and greatly carried forward the Buddha-Dharma in Tibet. Before he left Tibet he predicted that “When the Dharma Ending Age comes, root of virtues will be scarce, Buddha-dharma will be dim and Maras will grow powerful. So I have sealed various Termas (dharma treasures) in the earth, water, fire and air. There will be a lot of Tertons (Treasure finders) who are my emanations. They will reveal these Termas for the benefit of the sentient beings of that time.”

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