The Testament Aspiration of Wish-fulfilling Jewel

The Testament Aspiration of Wish-fulfilling Jewel

(His Holiness Jigme Phuntsok, written by Lama Achuk Rinpoche)


As prophesised by Padmasambhava in the sacred place of Sangdok Palri
Emanation of Nanam (Dorje Dudjom), Jigmed Phuntsok
Surrounded by the Three Roots, Victorious Ones and Peaceful and Wrathful deities
When we take rebirth in that pure-land
may we become equal to the body, speech and mind of Padmasambhava
Your heart-son Longsal Nyingpo
Self-arising illusory body of Three Roots, Peaceful and Wrathful deities and
at center of heart, celestial mansion of Sangdok Palri
Crystal stupa, its external and internal is shining-clear, transparent and unobscured
In its midst resides Dorje Phurpa (Vajrakilaya) deity and its assembly
At heart of principal deity, the Lord Jigme Phuntsok
Five colored light of compassion’s primordial wisdom radiates in ten directions
Completely pervaded by yidams, Victorious Ones and peaceful and wrathful deities
Shaking the six realms of samsara from its depths (liberating beings and ending samsara) and attaining the natural ground of primordial purity and fundamental nature
Perfectly and completely displaying the spontaneous kayas and pure-realms
Attaining the primordial ground of great compassion, basic space and awareness
May the sentient beings of six realms swiftly realise the primordial (nature)


The son of the supreme greatly kind Tsungmed (Jigme Phuntsok), who was prophesised by Padmasambhava as the emanation of Drogmi Palgyi Yeshe, wrote this on the tenth day of the Month of Miracles (Sunday) during the time of the expansion of power. This itself is the Lord Vajradhara’s testament and transmission. Thus, all those people who make this aspiration, when the life-holding karmic wind is exhausted, will take rebirth in the Glorious Copper-colored Mountain (pure-realm of Padmasambhava) at the feet of Vajradhara himself. Have definite faith, this is not a small kindness!

The Khenpo named Lungtok Gyaltsen established this (in writing).

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