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Father’s Day 2021

Today is Father’s Day. A father’s love is like a mountain, silent, deep and enduring, and provides a sense of steadfast support. Sometimes it is like an umbrella, sheltering us from the wind and rain, making us feel loved, exquisite and warm. I wish all fathers in the world peace and good fortune. ~ GN ~

Happy Women’s Day 2018!

Wishing all female in the world good health, happiness, solemn and always maintaining a beautiful pure heart! Happy festival!

Chotrul Duchen 2018

Today is Chotrul Duchen*, the Fifteenth day of the first lunar Month in the Tibetan calendar. On this holy day, one will attain unimaginable merits when you perform lamp offering, animal release, mantra recitation, or meditation practices. May all sentient beings arise wish-fulfilling jewel like Bodhicitta, may your Bodhicitta be ever increasing, like the bright […]

Happy New Year!

May your heart be full of love, and free from hatred and afflictions everyday. With a mind of love, you will enjoy complete virtue, good appearance and wisdom. Happy New Year!  

Saga Dawa Düchen 2017

  Today, Saga Dawa Düchen, is the 15th day (full moon) of the fourth Tibetan lunar month. It is one of the three most auspicious festivals of the year. It is the day when we commemorate the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of the Buddha Shakyamuni. On this sacred day, the merits of any positive deeds […]

Happy Losar 2144 – Tibetan New Year

Losar Tashi Delek! ༄༅།།ལོ་གསར་ལ་བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས་ཞུ། Happy Losar 2144! Today is Losar, the first day of the Tibetan New Year and also the first day of the “Miracle Days/Days of Miracles”. The “Miracle Days” are particularly auspicious Dharma days in Buddhism which commemorate the time when the Sakyamuni Buddha uncharacteristically displayed his power to subdue teachers of […]

Lunar New Year Greetings 2017

Tashi delek! Here is my Lunar New Year Greetings for all of you. Tomorrow we will enter into a completely new beginning. When we look back at this past year, we have been delighted by moments of accomplishments, and disappointed by things that have slipped by. But whatever is the case, we have to bid […]

Lhabab Düchen 2016

Today is Lhabab Düchen (anniversary of Buddha Shayamuni’s descent from Trayastrima heaven after spending three months teaching his mother, Queen Mayadevi, and the beings in the realm of the gods). Please make aspirations and prayers to Buddha with a purified mind and recite Shakyamuni Buddha’s mantra, “Om Muni Muni Maha Munaye Soha” .  

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