Gyalwai Nyugu’s Message Regarding April 20 (2013) Earthquake in Sichuan Ya’an


A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Ya’an in Sichuan, China this morning. Disasters occur very suddenly and without warning. Suddenly mountains shake and the earth cracks, houses and buildings collapse, roads are destroyed. People fearing for their lives crying out for help, struggling and enduring unspoken pain and suffering. I could not subdue my tears when seeing the photos of each terrifying scene that appeared on the Internet. As Buddhist, this made me acutely aware of the fact that life is so vulnerable when faced by the forces of nature! Once together, once smiling, once lively, and in the blink of an eye, separated permanently. So sudden, the change between life and death.

Let us all light offering lamps, in remembrance for the lives lost. May the light and the warmth illuminate the path ahead, to overcome this crisis. Disasters are ruthless. Great love has no boundaries. While we are unable to prevent disasters from happening and maybe what we are able to offer is very limited, but with sincerity we pray for those who are affected by this disaster, may we light an eternal lamp in their hearts.

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