Inauguration of a Holy Mountain in Zamtang County (05 July 2011)

zamtang-1The Inauguration, a religious ceremony of consecrating of the Zamtang holy mountain, ZhongNi, was held on 5th July 2011. ZhongNi Holy Mountain is the highest mountain in Kham, Sichuan Province and also the most beautiful mountain in that area. Mist cloths the hill perennially where forest lies below the mountain. The steep mountain cliffs give a dignified and mysterious feeling. Tibetans living in the foothill of the mountain are simple, warm and are devout Buddhists.

On May 2011 of the Tibetan calendar, residents living in the foothills asked a Khenpo who was in Yachen Monastery to request His Holiness Lama Achuk Rinpoche to bestow the folks and the land with meritorious blessing. Lama Achuk Rinpoche observed from his meditative state and said, “That is a snowy Vajrapani mountain, and should be consecrated and offerings should be made to it, by doing so, Buddhism in the region will flourish, and the region will become prosperous.” The Khenpo was so excited and requested Lama Achuk Rinpoche to consecrate the mountain. Lama Achuk Rinpoche observed for a moment and said, “For now, you should return. This is an auspicious beginning, and I will make arrangements that will please everyone … ” A few days later, the Khenpo sought an audience with Lama Achuk Rinpoche. His Holiness said gently, “Age is catching up with me, and I am not able to personally consecrate the mountain. I have a heart son named Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche (Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche). You should beseech him. There is no difference between him and I.” Upon hearing this, the Khenpo went to beseech Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche, and conveyed His Holiness’s words to him. Rinpoche happily accepted Khenpo’s request.

zamtang-2The auspicious news spreaded like a gust of wind, all residents of the foothills were very happy and everybody began to make preparations to welcome the arrival of Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche. Ten days later, Rinpoche set off from Yachen Monastery towards Zamtang. Accompanying him were Longdrol Rinpoche, Khenpo Mengya, Khenpo Karma, etc and seven other ordained sangha.

It was the summer rainy season where landslide bypasses along the way. After travelling for two days, Rinpoche and his retinue finally reached Zamtang. There were already people waiting at the main road to offer khatas. When Rinpoche’s car approached the valley, a welcoming party comprising more than two hundred decorated cars and about eighty horses appeared in front to escort Rinpoche’s car to the village at the foothill of the holy mountain.

zamtang-3The smell of mulberry smoke filled the air and prayer flags flew high in the sky, along with everyone cheering. The usually quiet valley was filled with a joyous atmosphere. Upon arrival, Rinpoche was invited to the house of the donor. The virtuous owner had already prepared kneaded tsampa and milk tea, and made available a comfortable sitting cushion for Rinpoche. Rinpoche accepted the donor’s khata, took a rest for a while and came out of the house to give teachings to the eagerly awaiting crowd. These people, some came from as far as a-day horse ride journey, some were here many days before, waiting patiently with their tent set, some carrying babies, mother holding children, some came with aged parents… They knew about this good news many days before, and had specially gathered from all areas to this peaceful valley, patiently and quietly waiting for the arrival of Rinpoche.

zamtang-GN-4Rinpoche brought His Holiness’s blessings to each one of the pious devotees, and spoke about the origins of the holy mountain. The next morning, devotees prepared white horses decorated with five coloured khata and reins made from white khata for Rinpoche to journey to the holy mountain while others walked. Along the way, the crisp chirping sounds of the birds could be heard, the natural scent of flowers filled the air, a hundred and even thousand year old cypress trees could be seen everywhere … …. After more than three hours into the journey, everyone finally saw the lofty mountain — the ZhongNi Holy Mountain. It is a very mighty mountain, mist-shrouded round the mountain. It is indeed the very worthy Vajrapani mountain. The ceremony to make offerings and to consecrate the holy mountain was held there. Sacred prayers resounded throughout the entire valley as Dharma instruments were played in accordance with the deep chanting of sutras. The thick smoke lifted the five coloured prayer flags, where they flew lightly into the sky, as the best offerings to the holy mountain.

zamtang-GN-5In the morning of the third day, Rinpoche bestowed to all the devotees, presented the terma treasure of His Holiness – Chenrezig empowerment, to all present. Rinpoche also gave the entire offering that was collected from the consecration ceremony to the local monastery as living expenses for the local sangha. Rinpoche told everyone, he had made an aspiration that no matter where he goes, he will not accept offerings, and that is His Holiness Achuk Lama’s teachings, and request all not to be upset that he did not accept the offerings. The best offering to Guru and the triple gems is not to commit negative deeds and practice loving kindness. At Rinpoche’s appeal, everyone presented vowed to never kill and to diligently practice compassion.

SONY DSCAt the completion of the ceremony, a convoy of cars driving slowly, escorted Rinpoche out of the valley. The convoy escorted Rinpoche for very far and only upon the repeated request of Rinpoche, did the convoy stop and watch as Rinpoche’s car drove away into the distance. Just as His Holiness said, “Everything is so perfect, so auspicious and so joyous.”

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