Introduction of Dzogchen Meditation in Beijing (Oct-Nov 2011)


In 2011, October 1st to November 13th, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche gave a series teachings on Dzogchen Meditation to students who came from different locations in China and overseas. The classes included theoretic teachings and practice introductions from basic to intermediate levels. There were over 500 to 600 students and disciples who participated in different classes every weekend. During a period of close to two-months, Rinpoche bestowed Bodhisattva empowerments, Dharmapalas empowerments, Yellow Jambhala empowerments, longevity Buddha empowerments, fire offerings and feast offerings as part of the Buddhist ceremony.

Besides giving teachings and conducting meditation practices over the weekends, Rinpoche also received visitors from all over the world, day and night. He helped them by solving their problems in meditation practices and personal problems in their daily life. It was the first time that Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche stayed in Beijing for such a long time. His systematic teachings greatly raised the disciples’ enthusiasm towards meditation. Most people uninterruptedly attended all the teachings and meditation practices, irrespective of how busy they were.

beijing-2Among the participants, some of them were old disciples who have followed Rinpoche for years, and this was an opportunity to improve. Others have learned Dharma theory for many years, and did not know how to practice meditation. This became an excellent opportunity for them to start the journey of practicing meditation. There were also a lot of new students who did not know that much about Buddhism. After listening to the teachings, they converted and became the disciples of three precious jewels, and embarked on the journey of clear light realization meditation.

Usually, before the meditation practices started, Rinpoche will give introduction teachings, talking about how to apply Buddhist wisdom in daily life, how to learn Buddhist theory and combined it with meditation, how to understand the nature of the mind, how to change our living habits into appropriate Buddhist behaviour. He also talked about his own meditation experience to encourage his student. His teachings always came with many interesting true stories. His voice is soft, and filled with compassion, wisdom, and with incredible humour. His students are often attracted by his talks and often lose track of time. His excellent teachings are like the sun shining through the clouds in the sky, waking them up from their dreams and bestowed upon them the rain of Dharma nectar, increasing both blessedness and wisdom. More than 20 new meditation groups were established, to facilitate future training and practice of Dzogchen meditation in Beijing.

November 6th 2011, is an auspicious sacred day according to the Buddhist calendar. In the afternoon, a solemn and grand Buddhist ceremony was held. Rinpoche bestowed Avalokiteshvara empowerments, Dharmapalas empowerments, fire offerings and feast offerings. The purpose to have this ceremony was to help the disciples to dispel hostile conditions during meditation practice, to accumulate merit and to better integrate Dharma into their daily life, and to realize the clear light in their meditation practice as early as possible.

beijing-GN-3During the ceremony, all disciples were emotionally touched by the efforts of Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche. Regardless of physical discomfort, he sat teaching for more than 6 hours without any break, as though his body was fixed there. It impressed the power of his mental stability and achievement in wisdom emptiness. Many disciples who participated the ceremony felt truly privileged for being able to witness these sacred moments. All the disciples promised to keep practicing the Dzogchen meditation, perform animal liberations, and learning Buddhism. They wish to make Rinpoche happy through their diligent practice, and look forward to him returning to Beijing and to guide the disciples in meditation.

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