Joyous Meditation in Shanghai (Nov-Dec 2011)

shanghai-GN-1During the mid of November to the begining of December, 2011, Gyalwai Nyugu was in Shanghai and gave teachings to disciples from Shanghai and around. The topic was “Joyous Meditation – how to maintain a happy mind in samsara”. He taught the participants how to meditate and discussed topics that were of particular interest to those who worked in the financial and other sectors that normally have high pressure from work. There were a couple of hundred participants in total.

The idea behind the choice of topic, i.e. “Joyous Meditation” came from the immense pressure that each of us faced from work and living in the city. We were unable to live freely and in a relaxed manner and always felt something was missing in our lives. The topic attracted many meditation enthusiasts and disciples who wished to find inner peace to attend the teachings.

In the teachings, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche taught the foundation of meditation—the concepts of basic meditation, methods and steps. He mentioned that sufferings come from the mind, and we should start by taming the mind, once we are able to tame the mind, we will be able to tame sufferings. It might appear that we are suppressing the sufferings, but we are actually solving the problems of daily lives, it will bring us auspiciousness. Rinpoche pointed out that regardless of whether Buddhists or not, those who seek happiness can achieve it through meditation. He also mentioned that lay practitioners have limited time due to the many daily chores. They should place more emphasis on actual practice. To bring their practice into daily lives and practice while going about their daily activities is a challenge but Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche showed them the methods. He encouraged everyone to practice diligently on how to tame the mind and led everyone on how to do meditation using an object.

shanghai-2He taught the participants how to meditate using a lotus flower, a white sanskrit letter “AH” , etc as the object of meditation and he personally led the participants in the meditation. With the blessings of the Guru, many disciples experienced improvement in their meditation practice, and benefited tremendously. Many who were not into Buddha Dharma developed great confidence from Rinpoche’s wit, compassion, humour, pure and natural charisma and developed great interest in meditation.

Besides meditation, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche gave teachings on concepts about impermanence, karma, loving kindness and compassion, etc. He said that harming others is equivalent to harming oneself, and likewise, benefiting others is benefiting oneself. He taught in an easy to understand manner that many were able to appreciate. In the teaching, many were tickled into laughter by his wit and humour. Rinpoche not only taught Buddha Dharma, he was also very concerned about the participants’ daily lives. He tried to make as much time as possible to talk to individuals.

To increase the participants’ merits, he bestowed the Yellow Dzambala empowerment. Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche’s empowerment was different from others, he taught the participants how to rest in equanimity while receiving the empowerment, and reminded them when to make aspirations, i.e. to make an aspiration at the time during the empowerment when Buddha descends. Aspirations made at that time would be most auspicious and the aspirations would be easily fulfilled. The participants were touched by Rinpoche’s thoughtfulness. Finally the ceremony ended with a Chog offering and offering of Dharma.

shanghai-3On 27 November, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche led a fire puja for the aborted infants and to eliminate the negative karma of those women who had undergone abortion. Different from the usual fire puja, our kind Rinpoche led the participants in a meditation before and after the chanting of the fire puja sadana. By the merits of the meditation, may the aborted infants and their mothers benefit from this practice.

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