One Month Pith Instruction Teachings in Chengdu (Mar-Apr 2012)


From 18 March 2012 to 19 April 2012, Guru Gyalwai Nyugu was in Chengdu giving teachings on the Dzogchen Pith Instructions to those disciples who have completed their Ngondro. This time it was held in Chengdu because Rinpoche understands the difficulties that many disciples face when they travel to Yachen Monastery to request teachings. This is the first time it was held outside Yachen Monastery and the content is mainly on the Dzogchen Trekchö [Trekchö is translated as ‘thoroughly cutting through’ or ‘breakthrough’]. More than 60 ordained and lay participants who met the requirements came to request for these teachings. According to the Yachen Monastery practice, the participants have to line up at 4pm every afternoon to request for teachings. Rinpoche transmits the teachings according to the strict requirements of the lineage, and depending on the unique situation of each disciple. He transmitted personal instructions on how to meditate to each of the participants.

During the month, participants are in closed door retreat, and they practice each pith instruction given by Guru diligently, and make use of each interview they had with Guru to clear their doubts about meditation and to clear obscurations they had during meditation. Under the guidance of Guru, they progress swiftly in their meditation practices.

The teachings on Dzogchen belong to the uncommon teachings that enable one to quickly gain realization in this lifetime from Nyingma lineage of the Vajrayana tradition. In the lineage history, all qualified Gurus taught based on their experiences accumulated through practice and experiences, and the teachings are succinct, direct, and to the point. Lama Achuk Rinpoche was ordained at the age of eight, and he followed his root Guru, Tulku Arik Rinpoche and stayed in the mountain to practice for 43 years. He inherited the Dzogchen Nyingmapa Longsal and Longchen lineage teachings, and strictly bestowed the two lineages teachings to disciples via oral transmission. Lama Rinpoche entered into paranirvana in July 2011 at Yachen Monastery and attained the rainbow body , his body shrunk to about the height of ones hand to elbow which many local and foreign disciples witnessed.

Lama Rinpoche’s pith instructions from the Longsal and Longchen lineages can be broadly classified under Trekchö and Tögal. And for Trekchö, its content includes basic meditation, to calm the mind by practicing shamatha meditation and intermediate meditation, to develop the view of emptiness and pith instruction to stabilize the view. This method of oral transmission requires a realized Guru and according to the different capacity and progress of each disciple, the Guru will give one on one guidance.

Our Guru, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche is personally endorsed by Lama Rinpoche and he is a qualified master to teach the Dzogchen Pith Instructions. Rinpoche had since 2001 began following his root Guru’s requirements bestowed the Dzogchen Pith Instructions to many disciples worldwide.

Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche follows the strict requirements of the lineage to teach, depending on the disciples’ obscurations and habitual tendencies, he stressed that disciples must practice according to the lineage requirements, practice according to stages, to practice well the foundation practices such as the common and uncommon preliminaries, to persevere in doing at least 1 seating of Guru Yoga, to participate actively in the group Guru Yoga practices, and on the pretext of completing the Ngondro, one may be permitted to receive the Pith Instructions teachings. (Depending on each disciple’s capacity, Rinpoche may also give teachings on different stages.)

The arrangement which Rinpoche made to facilitate the disciples to learn the Dharma deeply moved many disciples, especially so for those who did not have the opportunity to travel to Tibet to request for teachings, everybody saw hope that one can achieve liberation. This also motivated those disciples who have not completed the foundation practices such as the common and uncommon preliminaries to practice the Dharma more diligently.

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