Our Special Teacher — Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche

ourspecialteacher-GN-1Our guru, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche, is a very special teacher. He comes from Tibet, and is deeply loved by all of his disciples from everywhere. He speaks Chinese (mandarin) well, and this makes it easier for him to communicate with his Chinese disciples. A very special quality of Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche is that you can feel his wisdom and compassion from his voice. It contains true love, tolerance, forgiveness and expectation. One can have several gurus, but Gyalwai Nyugu can only be one. Although I have been listening to his lectures for so many years and every time I listen, it sounds familiar, I still am touched, encouraged, and introspective. “There is no legend or fairy tale for the practicing Buddhist. Your guru can help you to liberate and enlighten your mind, but you need to build up the belief for yourself. Nowadays, everybody has got enormous vexation and sufferings from life. Through Buddhist practice, you can get rid of them and find true happiness. But you cannot reach that level so easily, you need to keep training and practicing every day. Now, you all see me so comfortable and at ease, but none of you has seen the strenuous and ascetic practice. Even now, in every moment, I am still training and practicing. Before, I was just like any of you. I spent almost 30 years to reach the level that I have now. If all of you, can keep training and practicing as I do, you will be like me one day. Nobody was born a Siddha.”

Gyalwai Nyugu’s teachings always help us to find our confidence and direction. He is not like a god that is far away and high up, rather he is one of us and he is so close to us. In his lectures, he often talks about how he trained and what kinds of difficulties he has experienced, and how he overcame those difficulties with help from his gurus and spiritual instructions. It made all of us feel that it was a goal not impossible to reach. He also showed the bright future in front of us where he would always be there watching us and guiding us, helping us. He would tell us how the future road would look like, and will lead us forward. That is why he has more and more disciples each day. We can trust him and believe that he is the right person to bring us back home, the home with permanent happiness.

One of the greatest difficulties during Buddhist learning and practicing is how to overcome our clinging to the idea of our own egos and of the outer world. These have been one of the important contents of his lectures, and he often used daily examples to help us understand it. Once during his lecture, he made a short break and said: “I need to take some medicine and will be back soon” then he went into his room. After a little while, he came back and started his lecturing again. A few minutes later, he made a stop, smiled and said, “I am sorry, I have to apologize. I did not take any medicine, in actual fact, I went to the toilet. I was a bit ashamed to tell the truth in the beginning. Actually, there is nothing to be ashamed about. This is just due to the clinging and discriminating mind.” Then, he continued his lecture. Everything appeared to be so natural! There were more than 200 students sitting there in the classroom, but nobody had even reacted to it. But I was shocked. I don’t know if I would ever be able to do so without considering how the others would think about me. I would naturally first make considerations of my own reputation, rather than facing the truth. Clinging to our own egos and to the material world and discriminating mind are the two big enemies in the practice of the Great Perfection (Dzongchen). One needs to learn first how to stop the internal struggle of one’s mind and learn to find the peacefulness and serenity through introspection and contemplation, with help of meditation in the right way. Only by that, can one recognize the mind’s basic nature. The right way of doing meditation is very important. There are many people who have been meditating for many years, but still cannot find internal peace and enlightenment. In some unfortunate cases, their discriminating mind and emotions become even stronger.

ourspecialteacher-GN-2Our guru Gyalwai Nyugu is there to watch us and adjust our practice when meditating. More specifically, he can always find the right method to teach different kinds of people. Once in a lecture he said, “In all of these years, there are a lot of people who come to me for help. Not everybody showed the necessary respect to the teacher, some of them even have very strong discrimination mind and some of them had very strong negative emotions. I understood that, these were not their natural minds therefore I can forgive them. I only hope that, through my teaching, they will learn something and can build up their beliefs and self-confidence.” That is our guru, just like our parents, it doesn’t matter what you say or do, whenever you come home, they will open their arms and accept you.

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