Rinpoche’s Visit to Nianbaoyuze Holy Lake (03 Aug 2012)

Nianbaoyuze-GN-1The 3rd of August 2012, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche came to Nianbaoyuze Holy Lake to meditate, make offerings to the Dharma Protectors and also to offer wealth vases.

Nianbaoyuze Holy Lake is a very famous lake in the Tibetan region in Qinghai Province. It was said that there was a brave young hunter who rescued a white snake and this snake was the only son of the mountain god of Nianbaoyuze. Later, the brave hunter helped the mountain god to defeat the demon. To thank the brave young hunter, the mountain god betrothed his beautiful daughter to the young hunter, and they had three sons and their descendants thrived on this land and lived a peaceful life. Slowly, this place became the origin of Golok tribes. The lake and mountain of Nianbaoyuze have been protecting this land, the Buddha Dharma and all living beings on this land. This beautiful legend has since been circulating in Amdo.


(The mystical Nianbaoyuze Lake)

His Holiness Jigme Phunsok retrieved the terma of Vajrasattva in this place. The mountain god who is keeping the vows is also a treasure keeper. Besides this holy lake, there are also 108 holy lakes scattered nearby.


After the successful conclusion of the puja at Kaang Monastery, Rinpoche felt the deep blessing of the gurus and dharma protectors and so he went to Nianbaoyuze Holy Lake (about 90 km away from Pema County) to prepare for three days retreat – practicing mainly His Holiness Lama Achuk Rinpche’s Guru Yoga and requested the accompanying disciples to recite the aspiration prayers of His Holiness Jigme Phunsok 5000 times. Rinpoche said that by practicing single pointedly for the three days, we will definitely dream about His Holiness. Rinpoche and his convoy pitched their tents here.


(Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche and his disciples)


(Snow capped Nianbaoyuze Lake mountains)

Rinpoche and disciples started to recite aspiration prayers as thick mulberry smoke lifted the prayers flags up into the sky. Rinpoche was full of gratitude to the three jewels and three roots which enabled him to complete the consecration of Kaang Monastery so smoothly.


Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche pointed to the prayer flags and said that 20 years ago, the Nomad in his hometown and another Nomad tribe had a bad dispute. It got really serious and lives were lost where local mediation was of no help. Later a very influential Rinpoche from Tibet was invited to mediate the dispute. This Rinpoche used many methods to appease the people, and explained the teachings of cause and effect, he taught the Buddha Dharma and finally the two tribes reconciled. The people of the two tribes tied their tribes’ banner with the Rinpoche’s belt and set it by the lakeside and made vows in front of the three jewels. Since then, the two tribes who fought in the past coexisted peacefully. Rinpoche said this place is the origin of peace and harmony. So to make aspirations for world peace here is very meaningful.


(Rinpoche led the disciples in two daily practice sessions of Guru Yoga and recite the aspiration prayers of His Holiness Jigme Phunsok 5,000 times.)


Every morning, while fog still filled the valley, Rinpoche was already up practicing Guru Yoga by the lakeside. He said, “When we are resting our mind in the present moment, external phenomenon, guru and our mind are inseparable, if we meditate in this state, all outer appearances are guru “.


While melodiously chanting and receiving blessings from Rinpoche’s compassion and meditation, many who were passing by sat quietly next to Rinpoche and the sangha to meditate. They felt the natural, deep, calm incredible blessings of the Buddha Dharma.




One afternoon, after Rinpoche completed his practice of the Guru Yoga, two beautiful rainbows appeared above Rinpoche’s meditation hut. He said, “This is the blessing of the Gurus. These two rainbows represent His Holiness Jigme Phunsok and Lama Rinpoche, harmoniously dissolving into our lives.”


On 4 August, Rinpoche offered the wealth vase containing sacred items of Lama Rinpoche into the Lake, thanking the Dharma Protector, and prayed for the prosperity of future Buddha Dharma activities.


At the end of the three-day retreat, Nianbaoyuze returns to its normal calm, like in the ancient times. Different people from all directions come and go, and reflections of the different faces on the surface of the lake leave no traces. Like the primordial wisdom, all appearances manifest without grasping at anything. May every disciple of the lineage swiftly attain the view of Dzogchen.


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