Simple Joy (Dec 2011)

simplejoy-GN-1It was almost New Year , 2012. Everybody appeared to be busy. It was in the afternoon, I was staring at my computer disinterested, there was news on the web about a shooting incident in a bank near Nanjing, and it was not known if the criminal involved in the shooting had been apprehended. There were so many different kinds of bad news, strange news on the internet. I sat back on the chair, my mind went back to the conference room again, where Gyalwai Nyugu gave an interesting seminar: Joy and Happiness. In some way, the seminar actually changed my life.

It was a rainy evening, I had my dinner and was invited to the conference room on the second floor of the main building of our bank, which is one of the biggest banks in China. I was a little late and many people were already in the conference room. I sat in the last row. Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche (Guru) appeared to be tall and thin, but in good spirit and with a compassionate smile on his face. In the beginning, people were still chatting, but as Guru began to speak, everybody quiet down and was slowly led into the topic of the night – How to be Happy. There were no loud voices or slogans, Guru spoke in a tone that made one feel comfortable, like enjoying a cup of afternoon tea. There were no profound ideas, just simple and pure, leading one to a state of quiet peace.

Guru talked about investing in the stock market, how our emotions are caught up in the rise and fall of the stock market, how that kind of life would not bring us true happiness and joy. But we are living that kind of life, when the stock market rises, we feel happy, stock market falls, we feel sad. And Guru talked about relationships, how our emotions were influenced by being loved or not, again, we would not experience true happiness and joy by living our lives like that, but in reality, we are always seeking love and our emotions are influenced by our pursuit of love. Happiness is very simple; it comes from our mind and not from external things. The happiness that relies on external things would not subsist, like Guru said, we are living in the materialistic world, we want too much and as a result we are not truly happy.

Guru then led us to practice meditation. The room was very quiet, where one could hear a pin drop. At that moment, my mind settled, and deep in the mind, I seemed to have put down many things as well, it seemed so simple, no fluctuations of the stock markets, no emotional disputes, no temptation of money.

Happiness can be very difficult to achieve, but it can also be so simple! The important thing is how one understands it. Each of us pursues different forms of happiness, but Guru taught us the method that is simplest and that can subsist. May everyone find the method that leads to one’s simple joy! As I watched the news on the web, I thought, if only the criminal understands how to find happiness, there will not be violence and crime. Come to think of it, when we are born, we will die, we lived for such a short span of time, and we should always try to avoid unhappiness, to avoid jealousy. Guru has painstakingly taught us how to be happy, to bring us joy and happiness, which in itself is a very joyous deed!

As New Year approaches, I wish that Guru and everyone are safe, healthy and happy!

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