Teachings on Meditation in Haikou (Jan 2012)

haikou-1Towards the end of January 2012, shortly after the Dzogchen Meditation Retreat for the Sangha, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche began a 4-nights of teaching on meditation in Haikou for over 500 meditation enthusiasts each day.

As most of the participants did not have a strong foundation of meditation, Rinpoche patiently taught the participants the fundamentals of meditation such as the seven point posture of Vairochana and nine round breathing. Before attending the teachings, most disciples were only able to sit cross legged up to half an hour. But during the meditation teachings, many could sit for more than two hours! The teachings has laid the foundation for future meditation practice, and provided the correct method of meditation and allow all to understand how to adjust the duration of the meditation time. Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche’s teachings were succinct and direct, where every participant was very happy to be able to have this rare and precious opportunity to learn. Every participant was immersed in the joyful bliss from the teachings.

An old lady said excitedly, “I thought my meditation foundation was very weak, and all I could do was chanting at home. I did not have high expectation of this meditation teaching. Before I came, I told myself if I do not understand the teachings I will do my usual chanting. But what a surprise! I was able to understand Rinpoche’s teachings and able to follow the Dzogchen teachings and gradually understand the nature of the mind. This is incredible. I will definitely persist in my practice.”

haikou-2A mother from Guangzhou brought her daughter who was in her third year of primary school to participate in the meditation teachings. After listening to Rinpoche’s teachings, the little girl is even more enthusiastic about making offerings to Guru and sangha. She gave all her money as offerings, to liberate lives and even help out happily as a junior volunteer to carry books and butter lamps.

On the 28th, in response to the request from sangha in Haikou, Rinpoche bestowed the empowerment of Chenrezig, and also conducted prayers for the deceased and made tsog offerings. There were 38 monks from Mahayana and Vajrayana tradition that participated in the prayers for the deceased.

As it was close to Lunar New Year, disciples in Haikou spent their New Year very meaningfully, said, “We thank Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche for bringing the precious Dharma nectar to all disciples in Haikou. May every participant have an auspicious year of the Dragon and lead a joyful precious human life.”

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