The 2nd Annual Path of Clear Light Meditation Conference (11-13 Dec 2011)

2nd-ACLRMR-1From December 11th to 13th, 2011, the 2nd Annual Path of Clear Light Meditation Conference was held over a period of three days in Hangzhou in Guiyuan Monastery. Disciples from around China and all the way from France, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Africa came to attended the conference. The daily participants attending exceeded six to seven hundred people each day. On the final day, the attendants exceeded 1,300 people.

Guru Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche’s first meditation conference was held in Mount Emeishan (in Sichuan province, China), which was devoted to prayers on world peace and prosperity, a healthy environment for the world, peaceful lives for human beings, early realisation of enlightenment of all sentient beings and the elimination of all suffering in samsara.

2nd-ACLRMR-GN-2Every morning of the three day conference, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche transmitted Dzogchen teachings on various Preliminaries (external and internal), Guru Yoga and on Shamatha (with form and without). Rinpoche taught everyone that the form of the meditation can be unconfined, yet fresh, living and refreshing. Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body can all be used for the purposes of meditation in the forms of colors, sounds, smells, tastes and touch.

In his teaching, Rinpoche took an example of using the ear as an object of meditation. A lay devotee played soothing music for the participants to focus on. He also explained on how to focus our eyes on an object to guide our meditation. During the afternoon sessions of the first two days, Rinpoche along with several sangha members helped and guided all the participants in meditation according to the required sequence of the lineage.

Rinpoche’s lively and easy to follow meditation methods help to eliminate many of the practitioners’ misunderstandings that had developed over the years. Through the systematic meditation processes, many devotees obtained a very clear understanding on how to meditate, corrected their misconceptions and incorrect methods that should be not be employed during meditation. All of these helped participants to develop a stronger interest in meditation.

2nd-ACLRMR-3In the afternoon of the final day, Rinpoche imparted the yellow Jambala empowerment, intellectual Manjushri Empowerment and King Gesar Empowerment. He hoped that the disciples’ process of practicing meditation will progress smoothly where wisdom grows and both worldly and non-worldly interests will be fully accomplished. Then, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche gave names to each of the newly established meditation groups formed during the last year. Rinpoche personally gave every meditation group leader a plate with the group’s name, whom all vowed to protect and practice Budhhism, and help sentient beings, to lead their meditation group to use great exertion to listen to, think and practice the dharma. They would try to live up to the earnest expectation of Rinpoche. The concluding feast offering at the end of the conference was celebrated in great joy and capped off the event in auspiciousness and perfection.

2nd-ACLRMR-4During the three days, the participants discovered the light of meditation, and the most excellent charm of meditation. They have also experienced the wonderful (blissful) feeling in their meditation. A lot of beginners thus became a big fan of meditation. Although the conference was only for a brief period of three days, many participants generally felt “cleansed in spirit”, a feeling like being reborn. The venue and the program was perfect.

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