There really is such a Person in the World (19 Jul 2011)

suchaperson-GN-1In today’s materialistic time, everyone fights for one’s property and happiness without regard for others. But there is such a person, a Tibetan, from the age of 23, teaches his disciples daily on how to let go of selfish thoughts, how to help one another sincerely, how to achieve ultimate happiness for self and others.

Over time, he never stops making aspirations. He never refuses anyone who comes to him for help. His only ambition is for every being to achieve ultimate happiness and be free from suffering. He teaches and coaches his disciples tirelessly every day without fail, no weekends and no holidays. Not only does his loving kindness and compassion warm every disciple’s heart, his teachings on how to apply wisdom in their daily lives indeed changes many people’s lives.

He does all he can for benefiting others, solving others unceasing and varied types of problems. This is a typical day in his life: in the early morning before he finishes his breakfast, there are already many people standing outside his room wait to talk to him on various personal problems and seeking help. At the same time, many other people are waiting in a big hall to listen to his teachings. He often gives one or two teachings a day. The teachings are around two hours each. He teaches people on how to practice meditation, provides Great Perfection teachings and how to apply the loving kindness and compassion according to Buddhism in their daily life. For the rest of the day, he meets each individual, provides some suggestions on how to handle their personal problems, or answers the questions regarding their meditation practice, and gives individual lectures on special practices. He hardly has time for his meals and he never chooses to stop just because it is the time for lunch or dinner. In between all of these, he answers phone calls as well and helps people that are far away. Everybody comes to him with their “urgent” problems and he provides his help as best as he can, without having a second to think about himself. His “working” time hardly ends before 10 pm!

Many people change their behaviour after listening to his teachings. They start to think about the true life besides the material aspects. Families become more harmonious. They find it easier to accept the bad things that have happened in their life and how to turn the negative events into a positive attitude in life. He changed many people’s lives.

He often says, “When I see you suffering, I feel pain in my heart. When I think that you may continue to suffer after this life, if you cannot be liberated, I get even more worried. Therefore I cannot think about relaxing.”

suchaperosn-GN-2Through these years, his youthful and handsome face clearly becomes thinner. But still he is not the least worried about himself and says, “Life after life, I will use my life to love every being, they are my parents, and my parents are suffering in samsara, what point is there of me being happy?”

How rare! How Incredible! There is really such a person in this world! How fortunate for those who know him, see him, hear his voice and hear his name! His name is Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche (Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche)!


— By Ani Yong Le, 19 July 2011 —

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