Story of the 10 millions Infinite Lamps : Travelling to Lumbini

It was a big challenge to transport the lamps from Beijing to Lumbini. The distance between these two places is about 5000 km, across six completely different types of climate zones, from the sub-arctic to tropical. More specifically, in between the two countries stands the Himalayan mountains, the “Roof of the World.” To ship the lamps by sea would take longer time and would include many uncontrollable factors. The final decision was to transportthem by road. On December 9, 2014, there were 4 heavy trucks, loaded with 92 tons of lamps that had started its journey from Beijing.


It took the trucks 13 days to drive from Beijing to Lhasa. After resting for 5 days in Lhasa, the next part of the journey to Zhangmu continued. The trucks twice met heavy snow and it almost closed the mountain road. The Himalayan mountains were full of steep cliffs and snow. Waterfalls had frozen on the ground and formed a thick icy layer on the road, allowing only one-way passing by cars. The trucks moved as slow as a squirming line. From time to time, some huge snow balls rolled down from the hills as high as five to six-storey buildings and broke the road. They had to wait for the wrecking team to come and clean up the road. A forklift was used to shovel a “snow cave” for trucks to pass through one by one. The team took 7 days to drive a distance which only needs one day in normal situations. As the food and the water that the drivers took with them could only last for one day, Rail Lhasa had to deploy an off-road vehicle to send the food and water to the drivers as an emergency.


Even though it was extremely cold and there was a lack of food and water, none of the drivers had complained about anything. To the contrary, they did their best to help as they knew that they were doing a very special duty; they were transporting the lamps to Lumbini, where the Buddha was born, where they would be lit for the peace of the world.



The transporting trucks got to deal with many challenges during the journey which made the transportation even more challenging. But thanks to all the support that was gotten the way, while it was not smooth sailing, problems encountered were all resolved successfully.


And on 15th Janurary, 2015, the lamps arrrived in Lumbini and are all storaged in the Chinese Temple.




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