The wall

From the level of conceptuality, this is a wall… Analyzed with wisdom, this is an illusory object… From within a state of realisation, it is me. ~ Gyalwai Nyugu

How to practice Guru Yoga

Someone said he did not know how to practice Guru Yoga. I told him, then think of your Guru and allow your tears to flow. Think of how well he treated you, think of every moment you have spent with him…. this is Guru Yoga. ~ Gyalwai Nyugu  

Listening and practising

Many Buddhist practitioners do not listen to the Guru’s pith instructions and teachings. They use their own persistent habits to create and modify their understanding of Buddhism. Their wrong ideas and concepts are fixed and hard to adjust, and just cannot be transformed. The more books they read, the more discrimination they have in their […]


Bodhicitta is a state of great compassion and great peace where one is always thinking of benefiting sentient beings. It does not support self grasping. Once it becomes a force within us it will gradually develop in every aspect of our life, in every thought and behaviour, and finally become the force of Bodhicitta. At […]

Balance between our desire and wisdom

We need to constantly find the balance between our desire and wisdom in life. Wisdom allows us to see the path in front of us; while with desire, one will be looking thousands of miles away. When desire surpasses wisdom, it may be hard to see the cliff in front of us. ~ Gyalwai Nyugu


When you investigate anything profoundly, you will eventually touch on emptiness, and only emptiness. ~ Gyalwai Nyugu

Recipients of positive aspirations

The vaster the recipients included in your positive aspirations, the greater the power and merit of this aspiration. ~ Gyalwai Nyugu

Everything is in the process of change

Everything is in the process of change. It may change for the better or worse and the change does not depend on our will. So be peaceful and tranquil when faced with life, knowing that everything that happens is normal and conditioned by karma. ~ Gyalwai Nyugu


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