Buddha Dharma Practice Should Be a Part of Our Life (part I)

partofourlife1-1Integrating the practice of Buddha Dharma in our daily life is very important. Here I would like to talk about why and how. When we practice well, our loving kindness and compassion will grow, our family will become more harmonious and we become healthier. This will benefit both society and the individual. Our lives will become more meaningful. Our future is dependent on our wisdom. If we lack wisdom, even if we wish to be happy, we still end up suffering. At the moment of death, the experience will be more painful. We should practice the Buddha Dharma, the benefits will be immeasurable.

What qualities should a practitioner possess? They are merit and wisdom. What is merit? To do good, to serve and support the Guru and triple gems, to benefit all sentient beings, that is creating merits.

If you think in this way: I work hard daily to make money, with the money; I want to serve and support the Guru and to propagate the Dharma and to benefit all sentient beings. With that motivation, the act of working hard to make money becomes a form of practice and creates merits! If you do not have money, then you can make aspirations to recite sutras or mantras daily and dedicate the merits to all sentient beings. If you wish to do animal liberation but do not have the monetary resources to do it, then you can go to where people perform animal liberations and help out, use your body to benefit sentient beings. You must make use of every opportunity to create merits all the time.

Now all of us have no worries about earning a livelihood, everybody is rich and do not lack any material things. The human life is very precious and short. We are always conscious about pride. We spend a lot of money giving treats to others, buying branded goods, but these are all superficial. Our inner qualities and loving kindness are the most important things that we possess. If we can use the money to create more merits as we talked before, that can be truly beneficial and meaningful! We love all sentient beings from our heart, to liberate sentient beings, and for those without the ability to make a livelihood, those with learning disabilities, the orphans, handicapped, we make a little difference every day in their lives, to make them happy, that is so meaningful! To attain Buddhahood is not only for us, it is also for sentient beings! We do well, accumulate merits, we will naturally become Buddha one day.

partofourlife1-GN-2On the other hand, if you mistreat or harm sentient beings, where would you go in your next life? To hell realm, hungry ghost realm or animal realm! There are no other places you can go! Everyone goes through reincarnation driven by karma. You might think that you are rich; you can eat and wear what you like, regardless of anyone. But the Yama King and karma will not let you off easily. Your every thought and action cannot escape karma. We do not know when we will die but death is inevitable. We cannot see the suffering that might come our way but suffering exists. What we cannot see and what does not exist are two different things; in the past life we experienced but we did not remember. In the future, we will continue to experience and again what we cannot see now. Birth, sickness, aging and death, karma and results will all come. So all of you, especially the younger people, should create more merits!

Loving-kindness and compassion has no enemy, wisdom will dispel all delusions. If you wish to be a Bodhisattva, you must first transform yourself. Do not always comment on others faults, e.g. why is it like this and why is it like that! Do not try to change another person, you should change yourself. We must first transform our delusions and habitual tendencies through Buddha Dharma. Some say, I have this habitual tendency, I can’t change. How much habitual tendencies you have will determine how much delusions you have. When you suffer, nobody can help you, you have to shoulder it all by yourself. As Buddha always says, do no evil and always do good deeds.

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