Buddha Dharma Practice Should Be a Part of Our Life (part II)

partofourlife2-1Do not pray for things that you do not have, if it is not meant for you, there is no meaning thinking about it every day! If it is yours, it is yours to keep, if it is not yours, it belongs to others. Lama Achuk Rinpoche once said, “Be content with what you have, live a simple life; do not set too high an expectation for one self. The more you crave, the less satisfied you will be, and you will suffer. In the end, many years have passed, you do not know what you have achieved, and you have used up all your merits.”

We must always maintain a right view, liberate more lives, do more practices, do more good deeds. If you do good deeds daily, you will have accumulated a lot of merit. These are worldly merits, which will help create more opportunities for us to be near Dharma friends who will teach us the essence of the Buddha Dharma and we will have the wisdom to liberate from samsara.

When we are ill, what should we do? You should liberate lives! Liberate lives is to give life! Do your practice and accumulate merits. How big your merit is, your reward will also be equivalent. With good merits, you will always be happy and healthy. If you wish to be beautiful, you should offer flowers. Offer lights to the triple gems and your eyes will be big and bright. If you have body odour, offer incense to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas, your body will smell very sweet. What should you do if your mouth stinks? That is because you often scold. You should praise others’ merits and not comment on others’ faults so that your mouth will not stink. You do not have a nice voice and difficulties on how to explain? That is because you always comment on others’ faults. When I was young, my voice was not very pleasant, so I started to chant guru yoga. I would also chant Chenrezig mantra daily, and now my voice is very pleasant. It is really like that. If you wish to have a pleasant voice, you should often sing Buddhist hymns. Sing for others, you will have a pleasant voice. If you had an abortion before, you should save the poor children, give money to save their lives, then the cause of having aborted will be reduced. The cause of killing a child leads to very heavy negative karma. We must think of a way to remedy this cause. If we have killed many beings in the past, eaten seafood, what should we do? The animals you liked to eat in the past, you should liberate that animal, do it daily. When you go to the market, a place where many lives were lost, chant “Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hung, Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hung…”, let the beings hear the Mani chant clearly, pray that the beings can be freed from suffering, every being can gain liberation. That is creating merits!

partofourlife2-2We must also cherish cockroaches and ants. If you dislike cockroaches, and want to kill them, the cockroach’s eyes will have an image of you. What is in its mind when you kill it? It will think like this, “I will be reborn as your child, how would you bear to kill me then”. In fact, a lot of children are reborn under such circumstances. You love your child, give the child a lot of attention, but when the child grows up, he/she does not treat you well. Why? This is the workings of cause and effect. What goes round comes around. We should do more good deeds, create merits together, and liberate lives. These acts are all very simple and will help us greatly. So we should do it all the time, as this is kindness; this is to liberate sentient beings.

We were ignorant in the past, now we understand the nature of phenomena. We should use this great loving kindness and compassion to engage in daily activities, do many good deeds each day to accumulate a lot of merits here we will experience freedom, feel relax, be happier, and see the gradual transformation in one self. Buddha’s aspiration is able to dispel negativities. We can make aspiration to dispel negativities, and our merits will manifest.

You have done many good deeds in the past and achieved this precious human life, you have the opportunity to listen to the Buddha Dharma, and understand cause and effect. You will achieve Buddhahood in the future. Everyone must practice diligently every day and perform more good deeds. Do a good deed each day, those that are rich, can contribute financially, those that are have lesser wealth can be like the Sangha, where you can do daily practice of reciting the sutra, mantra or meditate and dedicate the merits to all sentient beings.

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