Develop Love and Compassion through Meditation (10 Dec 2012)


Gyalwai Nyugu’s teaching during morning practice on 10th December 2012

Tashi Delek! I rejoice in everyone’s group practice. Today, I will give everyone a simple explanation on love and compassion and a method for meditation.

Love and compassion is a very important foundation for our practice. Only with love and compassion, are we able to give rise to Bodhichitta.

Recently, the MIT institute in America did some scientific experiments and proved that practicing love and compassion will raise our positive energy and undermine negative emotions like                                                                                     jealousy and pride.

When we understand other peoples’ sufferings, our minds will give rise to an inexpressible feeling. We meditate in this state, uniting the state of meditation with love and compassion. This is the union of wisdom and compassion. All mental afflictions will dissolve like snow melting in the sun.

Do make examining suffering a habitual tendency in order to practice love and compassion. We practice shamatha (concentration) meditation with compassion as the object, using the capacity and energy of meditation to sustain and anchor it. In this way, we are able to quickly elevate our state of meditation and also greatly enhance our love and compassion.

Practicing shamatha builds a solid foundation for recognising our inherent nature. Our random and uncontrolled thoughts are just like tempestuous waves in the ocean, one wave after another. When we have the capability, cultivated over a long period, achieved by practicing shamatha, our minds will naturally calm down and we will be able to see the movement of our thoughts clearly.

When the preceding thought has died down and the next thought has yet to arise, there is a short moment of clarity. Our meditative ability allows us to recognise this inner experience, and sustain and stabilise it, free of any modification by our consciousness. If we request the pith instructions after having practiced sufficiently in this way, then it will be very easy to recognise our inherent nature.

developlovecompassion-2Today is the start of a new week. I hope that everyone will be able to repeatedly read and contemplate my teachings and integrate them into your daily life. Practice diligently.

Don’t forget to integrate Yeshe Tsogyal’s love, compassion and wisdom into oneself. We should aspire to use our lives to benefit countless sentient beings, day in and day out.

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