Different States in Meditation (30 Nov 2012)

differentstates-GN-1Gyalwai Nyugu’s teaching during morning practice session on 30th November 2012

Hello everyone, Good morning and Tashi Delek!

The preliminaries of preliminaries, before you start to practice the meditation, first go to the toilet, if necessary blow your nose, wash your face and brush your teeth. Dress comfortably, loose clothes are preferable. Your hair should not be bound up too tightly. You should close all the doors and switch off all electronic devices including mantra chanting devices. Even a clock that is ticking may be switched off or removed. Maintain neat and tidy surroundings.

Different people, may have different experiences during meditation. Some people may feel numbness in their body; some may have blurred vision, or may even burst into tears for no reason. This is because in the past, you have had bottled up all types of daily pressures in your mind. When all these tensions are released during meditation, different reactions may manifest. There is no need to pay too much attention to these. Just let it be, let it flow naturally.

If any part of the body is feeling numb, you may change your posture. If your vision is becoming blurred, you can straighten your body and your vision may revert to its natural state. If one has an urge to cry out loudly, try to control it.

differentstates-2During meditation, people experience different reactions. Sometimes one feels joy as if one is standing on a high mountain. Sometimes, one feels very calm as if one is sitting in the middle of the ocean. Sometimes, one feels one’s body merged into the universe and due to that, as one is unable to find a ‘me’, fear may arise. Sometimes, one’s mind may meld into space, and unable to find any gross thoughts. In this situation, one may be scared.

If these feelings arise, you may think that you have entered into a state of deep meditation, or that you have recognized the true nature of your mind. Actually, when these experiences arise, you have not truly recognized the nature of your mind, but it may happen soon.

If these experiences occur, do not have any kind of discrimination or attachment. Just continue to meditate and there may appear an even clearer state. In this state of clarity, there will not be any of the aforementioned experiences or fear. Any experiences will naturally disappear. When you are in this clear state, it can be very easy to recognize one’s basic nature of the mind, otherwise known as Rigpa.

differentstates-3After meditation, one should try to sustain the meditative state by avoiding talking for some time. One should try not to be distracted, indulge in unrestrained thinking, move slowly and avoid disturbances by unpleasant sounds. In this way, the state of meditation can be sustained for very long.

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