First Day of Morning Practice – Part I (20 Nov 2012)

dzogchenmeditation-GN-1On 20th November 2012, promoted by Gyalwai Nyugu, his disciples throughout China, got up at 5 o’clock and practiced Dzogchen meditation together for about 1.5 hours. This activity is guided through Internet live streaming. There are over 400 people online every morning, including Saturdays and Sundays. The following is Gyalwai Nyugu’s teaching on the first day of Morning Practice.

For many of you, it has been a long time since we last met, and all of you may be wishing to see me. (Guru Gyalwai Nyugu stared at the camera happily).

I miss all of you! (Guru reached out his hand, held up to the camera for close to 2 minutes, as if lovingly stroking the cheek of every disciple).

Greetings to you all, Tashi Delek! Each and every one of you, Tashi Delek! (Guru laughed heartily …)

The start of the morning group practice today is very auspicious. It was initiated by the Beijing disciples. One month ago, they began getting up early to do their Dharma practice. This was followed by the Shanghai disciples. And it further extended to diligent disciples in some areas of the Northeast who also began to get up early to practice. Everyone is unified and working hard together.

Yesterday, I noticed that various practice groups are encouraging one another through praise and rejoicing. The team leaders of various groups in places like Haikou, Northeastern China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang are informing one another to get up before 5am to practice. I rejoice in the leaders’ effort. The opportunity to practice together in this way is not easy, especially for lay practitioners who have various commitments such as work and family, but continue to make concerted effort to persevere and work hard is indeed worthy of rejoicing and of praise.

Through this auspicious origination, I would like to give a simple teaching to all of you.

dzogchenmeditation-GN-2I constantly pay attention to the members’ practice situations, venerables’ and the team leaders’ progress, and always communicating with each region’s disciples to inquire about their practice conditions and to explore ways to improve their practice of Dharma.

Last year, after Lama Rinpoche’s paranirvana, we made efforts to organize more group practice, which was not an easy task. I particularly rejoice in and praise everyone’s emphasis on the practice of Dzogchen, the confidence in the Guru and the unwavering effort towards liberation that all the disciples have.

At home and abroad, only our Dzogchen lineage lay practitioners are doing group practice in the early morning, this is so beneficial for everyone! Not only to the disciples, to the members and even for myself! (Guru revealed a delighted smile). I am very touched because we face so many things at work and home and we continue to persevere. We are circling in samsara, unaware of the path behind us, it may be a few years or a few decades, and this diligence in doing the morning practice is quite commendable.

We have the pure lineage of Lama Rinpoche; we have the aspirations to benefit sentient beings in this degenerating time made by Guru Padmasambhava, so the practice of Dzogchen is most suitable for us. The past few years, I have observed the mental capacity of sentient beings at home and abroad, which teaching is most suitable for the beings of this degenerating time? There are a lot of opportunities, but we did not treasure them. There may be other opportunities for other sentient beings, but now, the most suitable practice for us is the Dzogchen and it is the best for us.

dzogchenmeditation-Achuk-3Beginning 2001, Lama Rinpoche empowered me to teach the Dzogchen. I did not know how to teach it then, but if I did not do it, that would be going against the words of my guru. But to do so, there are many difficulties, my Chinese was not very good and I also did not understand the culture of the Chinese. Later, through the kindness and blessings of my Guru, Lama Rinpoche, today, I possess more and more ability and wisdom to help different sentient beings. This is the blessing of my Guru! (Gyalwai Nyugu laughed heartily…)

Many of you have met Lama Rinpoche, but since (last year) Lama Rinpoche’s paranirvana, many Chinese disciples faced many obstacles on their path, they are unable to visit Yachen Monastery, unable to receive the pith instruction, etc. I am like Lama Rinpoche’s shoes which were left behind, I will travel around the country and abroad teaching so that the pure lineage of Lama Rinpoche will continue.

Currently, disciples at home and abroad are constantly practicing the Dharma, but the effort and progress of various locations are different, I always pray to Lama Rinpoche, I hope we can all get up early to practice. The result of Beijing disciples starting morning practice, today we are all able to do the same and practice together.

dzogchenmeditation-4To wake up at five o’clock in the morning to practice does not affect the work and life of everyone. For some people, it may be difficult in the beginning, there may be some pressure, but after you grow accustomed to it, you will feel the blessing of the morning practice, because morning is the clear meditation period of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. I was with Lama Rinpoche for many years, and Lama Rinpoche always did his morning meditation to liberate sentient beings. This collective effort of practicing together is a very rare opportunity.

In future, when I have the time, I may teach in the morning. Currently, I am very busy but I will try to participate in the early morning practices. Also taking into account that, I am busy helping disciples so that they may achieve Buddhahood. Once disciples become Buddhas, my practice will be meaningful , otherwise it is of no meaning.

I feel more comfortable now because I am aware that you know everything you need, in order to practice and you know how to practice. As long as you persevere, you will definitely gain achievements. In some of the places that I have traveled to and taught, I have encountered many confused individuals. Some who do not believe in the afterlife, and do not know cause and effect. Guru and the blessings of the Buddha and Bodhisattvas are incredible. From the beginning of this year, I feel Lama Rinpoche’s special blessing very deeply, either in dreams or during my teachings. At times when we lack confidence, we may think that Guru is not by our side physically. But in fact, the Guru is always with us, always in our minds.

Yesterday, I wrote on weibo, “There is only Guru’s form in my house, Guru’s words in my heart; I am filled with Guru’s blessings. My body is in the human realm but my mind is in heaven.”

In fact, when we have unshakable confidence in Guru, Guru’s blessing and Guru’s wisdom, Guru is always with us. Our mind and the external Guru are inseparable when we are meditating. Guru is part of our life and we are inseparable from the Guru. All external phenomena and our mind’s wisdom are corresponding. All external phenomena exist but our mind is without any attachment, that state of mind is without any play, if we can abide in that state, we are in the realm of the Bodhisattva. All external phenomena are the appearances of our guru, our inner wisdom are the wisdom of the guru! When we abide in this state, our body is in the human realm but the mind is that of a Bodhisattva.

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