First Day of Morning Practice – Part II (20 Nov 2012)


I will continue to impart pith instructions to disciples who have completed their Ngondro. I believe there will be more disciples requesting pith instructions. I understand that among the disciples at home and abroad, there are many lineages and different types of contemplations, but few are like the oral pith instructions of Lama Rinpoche’s lineage practice methods. Lama Rinpoche gave us such profound teachings, and we must cherish this rare opportunity. So it is very worthwhile for all of you to get up early to practice (Gyalwai Nyugu laughed).

I am very happy to see all of you (Guru paused, his eyes moist, tears rolling down his cheeks……) because we have such a good origination. I do not know what fate you have in the past with Jigme Gyalwai Nyugu, but this life we have very deep fate. This all is really the blessings of Lama Rinpoche and may we all be reborn in the pure land of Lama Rinpoche.

Although my body has left my kind Guru, Guru gave me special blessings, my mind and Guru’s mind is always together. Guru had many disciples in his lifetime. But his compassion and blessings towards me are incomparable. So, I am what Lama Rinpoche gave you, I must lead all of you well. If I do not do well of what Lama Rinpoche has requested me, I will have no face to see Guru in the future. I only have one root Guru. Whether Guru is around or not is not important, as long as I have made vows in front of Guru, I will do my very best to fulfill them, in this way, my life becomes meaningful.

A few days ago, I wrote on weibo, “Every day that I listen to Guru’s voice, remember his face, in the face of death, only Guru can rescue me (Guru laughed with tears in his eyes). Buddha Dharma is very vast, teachings are plentiful, and we ought to choose the essence and practice. Practice is not measured by quantity but by quality and putting in effort to practice.”

Practising in the morning brings great blessings. It is worthwhile and very auspicious. I am very happy and rejoice all of you.

Many Rinpoches observed that only through practice can everyone develop confidence in Buddha Dharma, develop loving kindness and compassion. Some teachers such as Sogyal Rinpoche, Dzongsar Rinpoche, HH Karmarpa, etc are beginning to place emphasis on practice. Many teachers are surprised to learn that Chinese disciples must complete Ngondro before requesting for pith instructions. To be able to receive the Dzogchen teaching is incredible. Many hope to receive Lama Rinpoche’s oral transmission of the pith instructions from me. It is their dream but I have not agreed to everyone’s request.

Everyone must truly understand: “Samsara is suffering, to find a virtuous guru is not easy”. Many have not calmed their mind, start to look for their Guru, thinking what is it like to find one’s Guru? So I wrote in weibo, “Do not think about the past, do not engage in meaningless things, you must cherish what you have, do not think about what you do not have. If you do not cherish what you have and think about what you do not have, it is pointless. Because you do not cherish what you have, you missed the opportunity; and you will never get what you do not have. If you cherish what you have, what you do not have now will slowly come to you.” We are like a family, a lineage, a Guru, a Dharma, everything is pure. It is simple and not complicated. Cherish what you have and do not insist on what you do not have. For those teachings that you have received from Guru, according to one’s circumstances, where possible, do your best to practice. If you do not practice when you can, those other teachings which you have not received will be further away from you.

We are selfish. Bodhisattvas are also selfish. But Bodhisattvas’ selfishness comes with wisdom where there is no pain and suffering. Ours is contaminated selfishness and embedded with pain and suffering. If we must be selfish, we need to use wisdom. Where does wisdom comes from? It comes from benefiting others and self. Doing what you can. For example, a team leader busy helping fellow members. How to encourage members to progress, how to be a Buddha, what to say and what not to say. These are the best things to do where you forget about “self”. With these thoughts, it is very meritorious. Team leaders and I think alike, disciples become Buddhas, members become Buddhas, that is great! This is the best practice environment and method. And members assist those those who have not met with Guru and those never in contact with Buddha Dharma, how wonderful if they can listen to the Dharma. In this way, the members, leaders and I think alike and are spontaneous. In this way, our mind is already in Bodhisattva realm, benefiting self and others, perfect and complete.

Although I am not physically by your side, my mind is always with you, never left. The Buddha Dharma activities that you do, your practice and your faith and devotion to Guru, you will be able to feel Guru is by your side. When you practice according to the Dharma, you can easily feel the presence of the Guru, some disciples say they can see Guru, hear Guru’s voice, I not really sure if I believe this (Gyalwai Nyugu laughed). I have Lama Rinpoche’s blessings, Guru Rinpoche’s blessings, although it is not so simple to teach in different countries, but I always pray to my Guru. And to give teachings is also not just a matter of numbers, but special blessings and connections. Lama Rinpoche’s enlightenment is very auspicious, and has special blessings for me. As disciples, you must constantly learn from the Guru and do not run about and let your mind wander, understand? Running about and letting your mind wander uses up so much of your energy and your mind is not transformed. So do not run about and be lost!

I hope everyone can persevere and get up early to practice; this year will be the same as before and I will continue to bestow pith instructions. Team leaders must diligently lead the members to practice. Every location has arranged venerables to provide guidance, if these are not properly arranged it is our fault. But now, all arrangements are properly made, so members should diligently follow the leaders to practice and that will do. There is no need to have many other ideas. I see many new groups being form in many locations. I rejoice and thank everyone. As Guru’s disciples, and I as Lama Rinpoche’s disciples, we are the same, we will achieve Buddhahood.

Many thanks to everyone. Please take care of yourselves, with a healthy body, then you have the opportunity to practice, may all be auspicious! When I have time, I will arrange to meet up with everyone. Thank you! This is the simple teaching I have given today. The main purpose is to let all of you see me and I also wish to see everybody. You must practice diligently. I am well and that is all for today.

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