Gyalwai Nyugu Explained Lama Achuk Rinpoche’s Teachings (25 May 2011)

lamaachukteaching-Achuk-1Whenever Lama Rinpoche teaches, the teachings always point directly to the essence of mind. He does not teach any particular dharma text, teach any particular dharma book or discuss about any particular school of teachings. No matter how the Wish Fulfilling Jewel Lama (Rinpoche) teaches, he does not depart from (teaching about) the state of Dzogchen.

He (Lama Rinpoche) said, “Whenever we teach about the sutras or dharma, it is possible to teach in an extensive fashion, however, at the final point, we have to return to our own minds. Normally, we are always thinking, ‘If I gain enlightenment one day, what would the feeling be like?’ or ‘When would my Buddha nature appear?’ or ‘When would I become inseparable from the Guru?’. One is constantly using the consciousness to discriminate. Originally, your nature has never been different from the Buddha’s nature. There is no need to add anything. If we added anything, it would not be perfect or complete. So we should purify ourselves and recognise our basic nature and that would be enough.”

When all the Gurus teach the dharma, who are they introducing? (They are) just introducing yourself! What is said to be impure according to the Buddhadharma is just the pollution of the mental afflictions as well as the discriminations and attachments in our own mind. The Dharma teaches about Bodhichitta, Compassion and the Wisdom of Emptiness, what is the whole explanation about? It is just explaining about your own inner mind! Once our mind is tamed, all these qualities would naturally be perfected.

Thus, each time Lama Rinpoche emphasized actual practice and meditation. We do not need a mouth-based dharma. We need to place great importance on the foundations and quality (of the practice). Without quality, a practitioner has the semblance of a great practitioner during times of joy, happiness and good health but is unable to withstand the pressure and mental afflictions when he/she meets with suffering and difficulties. He/she is unable to bear with criticisms and obstacles. So everyone should utilise mindfulness and right view to tackle the mental afflictions in one’s mind. You should transform consciousness into pure wisdom.

Based on the recording of Gyalwai Nyugu’s teaching on 25th May 2011 —

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