Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!


From time beyond time, our mothers have cared for us;
If they suffer, what good is our own happiness?
Thus, to liberate living beings beyond number,
To engender bodhichitta is the practice of a bodhisattva.


We pray to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas in ten directions, and wish that all sentient beings who have once been our mother, will liberated from the suffering seas of samsara.

Today is Mother’s Day, we should remember how our parents have been benefiting us. Whether as Bodhisattvas or ordinary people, the world we are in, the life we are having, are all blessings from our parents.

Our parents from the mundane world and spiritual teachers who guide us on the path of liberation are the ones that have benefited us most. We receive immeasurable love from both our spiritual teachers and parents.

In this special day, we should make aspirations that we will use the rest of our lives, or even with numerous lives to come, to repay this kindness. We should make this our ultimate goal in life.



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