How can we achieve happiness and peace?

Renpoche9By reducing stress and psychological burdens in our lives we can begin to experience happiness right away. All of us have experienced forms of occasional enlightenment when we are being relieved from some burdens in our heart or gave up some unrealistic desires, but these type of enlightenments are very short and weak.

Lord Buddha Shakyamuni 2500 years ago, explained to us the truths of life from a far perspective, not just from the present life. He told us that what our present life is dependent on what we had done in our previous life. We cannot bring any thing we accumulated from one life to another one except our karma. The power of these karmas is the driving force of our present life. If we start using wisdom to transform our minds, through diligence practice of the Buddhadharma, we will have a deep understanding of the truth of life and we will be able change our mindset. Through compassion we can change the power of our karmas and thus improve our life. We can change our unrealistic expectations into positive life experiences and be satisfied with what we have. We need not continue to fear death, nor experience fear during death. As we deal with our daily troubles, why let yourself be consumed with fear when it is possible to overcome your dilemma?

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