How can we achieve liberation?

BJ-LibFirst we must understand what is liberation. It is not about some day in the distant future where we will suddenly be totally liberated by some divine force. One kind of liberation is the transformation of our internal suffering into internal happiness. Buddhism does not tell us that our sufferings will come to an end when an angel appears and gave us a ride us on his back to the Heaven. Nobody but us can liberate ourselves. In order to achieve this goal, we must first adjust our minds through the learning and practicing of the Buddhadharma.

All Buddhism teachings are about liberation, but we need to rely on good teachers to guide us how to practice them. Buddhism is not just a religion, or a kind of philosophy, as what most people think it is; actually it is a science of life. It requires us to learn the theories, and also to practice in the right manner under the supervision of good teachers. If we can possess internal happiness, our hearts will remain unburdened when facing pressures from our external circumstances. Therefore, in our spiritual practice we first purify our minds. This brings us happiness and peace, which in turn enables us to help other sentient beings.

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