How to Subdue Our Fears (04 Dec 2012)

subduefears-1Gyalwai Nyugu’s teaching during morning practice session on 4th December 2012

Tashi Delek! Hello everyone! It is getting colder now, please do wear warm clothings.

Every morning when we wake up, prepare a glass of warm water. Recite the Mani mantra 108 times and then blow on the water. Visualize that the water in the cup is the nectar of Avalokiteshvara. And, that when we drink, it enhances our meditation and increases our loving-kindness and compassion.

After meditation, drink another cup of water. Visualize that we are drinking the nectar on behalf of all the lonely wandering spirits and starving sentient beings. Visualize our throat and body as their throats and bodies. The water may also be visualized as the merits of our practice. These merits are absorbed by these sentient beings, satisfying them and temporarily purifying their negative karma and obscurations, and planting causes for bodhicitta.

The goal of our practice is to tame our fears. When our lives are being threatened, it is natural that we may feel frightened. Fear is a form of self-protection. However, most of the time, even when nothing is posing a threat to our lives, we are already being controlled by fear.

subduefears-GN-2Disasters are the repercussion of the unlimited arrogance, jealousy, desire and lack of satisfaction of sentient beings. Many people hope to escape from these disasters. But when karma manifests, such thoughts are futile.

No one wants to suffer. The beings in the hell realms are the most unwilling ones where they desperately want to escape from all the suffering. Unfortunately, we cannot escape from karma that easily.

Many people ask me where is the safest place to be? Is it India, Europe, or China? My response to them, “The safest place is the peaceful prairie of our own mind; the mountains of compassion and the wisdom of emptiness. Quickly move to this compassionate world, which is free from disasters.”

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