Keep Positive Emotion

positiveemotion-GN-1By observing and being aware of our inner world, we start to realise that true happiness begins with caring and cherishing others. The best way to love oneself is to love and cherish others. We begin to understand that if we want ourselves and others to be happy, we need to have compassion.

Troubles and worries naturally evade those whose hearts are brimming with selflessness and loving-kindness. Studies have shown that those people whose outlook is positive, are compassionate and helpful to others displayed better physical and mental health. These positive qualities bestow utmost benefit to one’s physical and mental health. Compassion can enhance a person’s vitality and willpower, filling the person with positive emotions and drive. In turn, this helps the person to better handle the stress at work and in life, and allows him or her to take things easy with a relaxed mind.

When you are feeling down, vexed, disturbed or restless, your friends will not dare to speak to you, or crack a joke in your presence. At that moment, even if that person is the closest friend you have, you may also view him as cold, insensitive and irritating.

On the contrary, when your heart is filled with tenderness, loving-kindness and compassion, you enjoy whatever you are eating or wearing. Everything is pleasing and agreeable. Your family and friends will also feel warm and happy. Even when you are faced with poor health or circumstances in which material comforts are lacking, you are still happy and at ease.

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