Losar la Tashi Deleg!

Losar la Tashi Deleg!

In this Year of the Earth Dog, wishing all Lineage Masters, Great Teachers, brothers sisters, all my students and everyone of you out there, a Happy Lunar New Year and Losar Tashi Delek 2018. May the Lineage Masters and Great Teachers benefit all sentient beings with their teachings continuously till all sentient beings attained liberation. May all enjoy good health and abundance of happiness always.

Below is a teaching for the new year that I like to share with you….


Master Tsongkhapa once said: “If the intention is good, one’s level and path are good. If the intention is bad, one’s level and path are bad. Since everything depends on intentions, always make sure they are positive.”

Kindness is the source of all happiness and merits. The good or evil thoughts within our minds determines what kind of karma we will create. Good karma brings about happiness, while evil karma engenders suffering. Regardless of how many good deeds we seem to have performed on a superficial level, if we don’t have good motivations in our hearts, then it’s just a semblance of the real thing, and will not generate much merit. It is therefore a kind heart that we should all aspire to possess.

A good personality means having a mind of luminosity, honesty and integrity, and a tolerant attitude, free from arrogance, a mind that doesn’t get worked up over little things.

A virtuous person is humble and self-motivated, who studies intensively, and doesn’t pretend to understand when they don’t and then go around preaching to others.

A virtuous person earnestly treats others with a compassionate heart, never cheating or harming them. Being strict with themselves, they are always introspective. They possess a purified and tolerant heart and care for others’ benefits and feelings at all times.

As Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche says: “the basis and support for a good nature is a kind heart without guile and deceit”. So, developing a good nature is a path leading to happiness.

You will find warmth everywhere as you looking at the world with your heart full of love and compassion.

You will find happiness everywhere as you looking at the world with your heart full of joy.

In the coming new year, I wish you all a year with an increase in merit and wisdom, benefit for your own and others, success in your endeavors, and joyous blessings.

Tashi Delek!

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