Our World Needs Wisdom and Compassion

ourworldwisdomcompassion-1Buddhism is essentially a path for developing wisdom and compassion. If you study the 84,000 methods of Buddhism, what can you hope to acquire? Freedom from stress, liberation from suffering, and the ability to accept all struggles. As your bodhichitta expands, your capacity for forgiveness and understanding will become incredibly vast. The heart of the unenlightened man, on the other hand, is quite limited in its capacity to deal with difficulties. When he’s happy, the world is a great place and everyone is his friend. When he’s unhappy, the world is hell, and everyone is his enemy. He might even see these statues of the Buddha as his enemy. So you see, one’s mind shapes one’s world. All the happiness in the world is located within you.

Human beings cannot survive without compassion. In the past, sons and daughters felt great love for their parents. But today, some children have no special feelings for their parents. They treat their mother and father like mere acquaintances—or even strangers. If someone harmed their parents, they wouldn’t be upset. This lack of compassion on the part of children is a very disturbing phenomenon. It is essential that the younger generation have compassion and wisdom, because they are the future of the planet. If our children possess compassion, they will create a peaceful world. World peace won’t come just by singing songs about it; people must work to create it.

ourworldwisdomcompassion-2There is too little compassion in the world today. Many people are concerned only with themselves. They don’t even care about the environment they inhabit. The recent proliferation of floods, droughts, earthquakes and other natural disasters is directly related to this lack of compassion. We must open the arms of our hearts wide enough to embrace the whole planet. Make everyone a member of your family. Respect the life of every human being, and respect life in all its forms. As a child I could not understand why humans wanted to kill animals. When yaks were slaughtered, I couldn’t bear witnessing their pain. I’ll never forget that sight… All the money and fame in the world cannot begin to compare with the value of your life. Everyone in the universe is just as attached to their own life as you are to yours. If you truly realize this fact, you will naturally cherish the life of all beings. If you learn only this, your exposure to Buddhism will have been worthwhile. Learning not to harm others is Buddhism’s most basic requirement. All the talk about certain prayers and ceremonies bringing good karma is just talk. You have to really do something for others to gain merit. Refraining from harm is the first step toward acting on behalf of others. Living solely for your own sake will never bring you happiness.

Please seriously consider what I’ve said here.

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