Stirring the Heartstrings of Joy

When you are mentally and emotionally unhappy, you will not feel fulfilled or happy even if you are enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and all the material comforts you ever want. You may be extremely wealthy, but when your heart is overwhelmed with anger and hatred, you may even think of abandoning or destroying all that […]

What is our final destination when we learn and practice Buddhism?

Question: What is our final destination when we learn and practice Buddhism? Answer: The final destination is to bring happiness and peace to all beings. If you only wish happiness for yourself, you can do it, but you will never reach the final destination. The life of all beings is equally important. This is not […]

Buddha Dharma Practice Should Be a Part of Our Life (part II)

Do not pray for things that you do not have, if it is not meant for you, there is no meaning thinking about it every day! If it is yours, it is yours to keep, if it is not yours, it belongs to others. Lama Achuk Rinpoche once said, “Be content with what you have, […]

Buddha Dharma Practice Should Be a Part of Our Life (part I)

Integrating the practice of Buddha Dharma in our daily life is very important. Here I would like to talk about why and how. When we practice well, our loving kindness and compassion will grow, our family will become more harmonious and we become healthier. This will benefit both society and the individual. Our lives will […]

The Meaning of Life: Apply and Learn Buddhism from Daily Life (Part III)

Practicing Buddhism cannot just happen behind closed doors. It needs to be practiced in our daily lives. The understanding of Buddhism should happen in our mind, not just on the surface. We should turn our small, selfish love into a big love that can love all the sentient beings in this world. Your love towards your […]

The Meaning of Life: How to Get Rid of Painful Feelings (Part II)

What is the aim of this life? The aim of our life is to get rid of the painful feelings experienced in life, not only your own personal painful feelings, but to help the others to get rid of their pain as well. Only when we can get rid of painful feelings, can we find […]

The Meaning of Life: Always Keep a Thankful Heart (Part I)

Many people like to ask the question — What is the meaning of life? This is the topic that I would like to talk about today. Buddha Dharma is the science of life and it can teach us how to behave as a human being. When we have the wisdom of Buddha Dharma, we will […]

A Teaching on Meditation for the Beginners

A human life passes very quickly; sickness and old age will advance upon us swiftly. The practice of dharma can help you to better understanding what life is about and how to deal with the fear of death. Therefore, it is crucial to make full use of your time to practice it. At Yachen, our […]


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