How Buddhists Treat Negative Emotion

A Conversation between Gyalwai Nyugu and Two Travelers from Spain Date: March 14, 2010 Place: Yachen Gar Every year, Gyalwai Nyugu would receive visitors from all over the world. A young Spanish couple had travelled extensively throughout Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. While staying at an inn in Ganze, someone gave […]

Drinking and Smoking

Buddhism’s prohibition of smoking and drinking is based on science. It’s a known fact that alcohol makes one’s thinking unclear. You may have heard of cases when someone under the influence of alcohol has killed their husband or wife. Tobacco’s effect on the body is also well documented. Cigarette smoke clogs the body’s chimney. Our […]

How can we achieve liberation?

First we must understand what is liberation. It is not about some day in the distant future where we will suddenly be totally liberated by some divine force. One kind of liberation is the transformation of our internal suffering into internal happiness. Buddhism does not tell us that our sufferings will come to an end […]

How can we achieve happiness and peace?

By reducing stress and psychological burdens in our lives we can begin to experience happiness right away. All of us have experienced forms of occasional enlightenment when we are being relieved from some burdens in our heart or gave up some unrealistic desires, but these type of enlightenments are very short and weak. Lord Buddha Shakyamuni […]

Why should we learn Buddhism?

Everyone in this world desires happiness. Happiness can be temporary or eternal. The happiness we’ve experienced thus far has been temporary, unstable, and ephemeral. Eternal happiness can only happen when we reach enlightenment. It will transform our present experience of fleeting happiness and fleeting suffering into pure, unchanging happiness. In our current life, we experience […]

What is the Correct Way to Relate to a Buddhist Guru?

It is very important to behave correctly when we meet a Buddhist Guru. First of all, we should dress well, don’t wear too much make-up. It is best to be natural. We should show Guru our real self. Regardless of male of female, our hairdo should be neat and clean. The body should be washed […]

Teaching Bequeathed by Achuk Lama Rinpoche

After my parinirvana, all the disciples should be united and harmonious, be free of the eight worldly dharmas, maintain pure discipline/precepts and practice diligently for their whole life! Those who come to pay respects and view my body, whether they are Tibetan or Chinese students, should all make the following aspirations and pledges: Not to […]


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