Virtuous practices

We usually need to purify our minds, develop wisdom and great love and improve our world view and values more. If some people’s merit is insufficient, they can perform virtuous practices like mandala offerings. For example, if one person offers the mandala once they accumulate the merit of one mandala offering. If one hundred people […]

A state of happiness

Just seeing that smile of HH Dilgo Khyentse and the radiant eyes of HH Lama Achuk Rinpoche brings us so much happiness and joy! I believe that practice should be a state of happiness, which in turn enables many Dharmas to be absorbed into our mind. ~ GN

Having patience

What is the greatest defect with respect to our practice? Insufficient patience. When listening to Dharma teachings it is a little better in terms of diligence and perseverance. However for contemplation, actual practice and transforming our minds, we are conscientious for a while then we give up. We stop and start like this a few […]

Walking with constant belief

We are all walking toward our graves, yet we still argue on the way. We can gather together, but not for long, so do love and understand each other; a loving and vast mind should be our constant belief. ~ GN

Wisdom and compassion

When you pray to the guru with all your heart, you might recognize your true nature of mind. When you truly have vast compassion for all sentient beings, you might also recognize your true nature of mind. This is because wisdom and compassion are inseparable. With perfect wisdom, great compassion arises, and with great compassion […]

Diligence and courage

Sometimes the reason our practice does not progress is not because the Dharma isn’t profound enough, nor that the pith instructions are not sufficiently auspicious; rather because we lack belief and courage. Without courage and tenacity our practice won’t be sustained. Practice requires great diligence and courage. ~ GN

The most valuable way of living

Countless examples have proven that no matter how brilliant our life seems, or how prominent our wealth, reputation, and status we have, our minds are constantly in flux. The instantaneous birth and death of being is a phenomena beyond our control, where our bodies are continually aging everyday as we edge closer to death. If […]

Two conditions

Practicing the great perfection requires two invaluable conditions: the first is renunciation; the second is Bodhicitta. ~ GN


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