Purpose Of Practicing The Guru Yoga

Practice_GNThe first level of motivation for practising the Guru Yoga is to cultivate and increase our trust and devotion to the Guru. Through continuously increasing one’s devotion and respect for the Guru, when the causes and conditions coincide, then the Guru’s blessings can cause realisation to arise in one’s mind. This is the ultimate purpose of practising the Guru Yoga. Due to having the realisation of the pure fundamental nature which is inseparable from the Guru, in the Dharmata (or nature of reality), we are seamlessly inseparable from the Guru. This is the process of recognising the inner self nature Guru through the external appearance of Guru. Such is the ultimate meaning of the Guru Yoga.

Without practising the Guru Yoga, it is not possible to continue increasing one’s devotion and trust without any lapse. If one lacked devotion and wished to realise the fundamental nature, it is not possible.

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