Supplication to the Guru Triple Gems! (01 Jan 2013)

gurutriplegems-GN-1Benefactors and sponsors! As all compounded phenomenon are impermanent, the trivial matters of samsara are unreal like night-time dreams, do not be distracted and lax, you should reflect on your own minds!

Benefactors and sponsors! Our whole life is dissipated in laziness and sloth, life is fleeting, at all times, be diligent and avoid indolence!

Benefactors and sponsors! Our entire life’s accumulation of wealth cannot be brought along, one will finally be escorted to the next life by the Lord of Death, Yama. Do not gather meaningless negative karma!

Benefactors and sponsors! Only the sublime Dharma is beneficial for future lives. Therefore do not be lazy, abandon all attachments to (concepts of) everlasting permanence. It is vital to quickly practice the proper Dharma!

Benefactors and sponsors! The undeceiving Triple Gems are the perpetual refuge and support. Do not seek the Buddha outside, instead dissolve the Guru, Yidam and Dharma Protectors in your mind and practice!

Benefactors and sponsors! Do not take refuge in the worldly ghosts or gods, do not participate in making offerings of blood and flesh, the true Buddha is one’s own mind!

Benefactors and sponsors! When recollecting the Guru’s grace and kindness, one’s mind mixes inseparably with the Guru’s mind. Maintain harmony with one’s relatives. All sentient beings are one’s past parents of great kindness, do not harm them but treat them with love!

Benefactors and sponsors! Our frenetic enemies are the five poisons and kleshas. We should always endeavour to use mindfulness to remedy them. Do not pursue negative karma!

Benefactors and sponsors! The main cause of falling into the hell is killing. Definitely abstain from all killing! Otherwise for many lives and eons, you will experience the torment of the hells!

Benefactors and sponsors! Family members go about their affairs respectively, meeting and parting is impermanent, subjected to momentary change. It is just like the customers in a market, do not bear grudges in your minds!

Benefactors and sponsors! Always train your mind, ceasing all aggression, do not hate your enemies as hatred will destroy all your merits!

Benefactors and sponsors! Friends and relatives in the earlier part of life may turn into enemies in the later part of life. Do not regard friends and enemies as fixed, or cling excessively to friends. One should often contemplate on impermanence!

Benefactors and sponsors! Miserliness is the cause of rebirth as hungry ghosts. We should always give servants clothing, food and possessions, be filial and support our parents, lovingly bring up our offspring, diligently perform recitations, prostrations and circumambulations!

Benefactors and sponsors! Any action performed with a positive motivation is the proper Dharma. If the motivation is negative, even proper Dharma becomes like poison. Do not engage in useless gossip and do not forget to have a noble character!

Benefactors and sponsors! The people in the degenerated age have weak wills. Their speech is often at variance with their minds, fickle and prone to change. Therefore, be determined to practice the proper Dharma!

Benefactors and sponsors! Do not let your thoughts fly uninhibitedly. Never forget to guard your mind and diligently practice the magnificent Dharma without any laziness!

On the first day of 2013, Gyalwai Nyugu gave this heart-felt advice to all benefactors and sponsors! —

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