Teaching Bequeathed by Achuk Lama Rinpoche

Achuk-14After my parinirvana, all the disciples should be united and harmonious, be free of the eight worldly dharmas, maintain pure discipline/precepts and practice diligently for their whole life!

Those who come to pay respects and view my body, whether they are Tibetan or Chinese students, should all make the following aspirations and pledges:

  1. Not to kill from now on, not to ever steal; not to ever inhale any kind of tobacco or similar substances; not to drink alcohol; not to get involved in trading animals.
  2. Make a vow to recite Chenrezig’s mantra (OM MANI PADME HUNG) and Amitabha’s name 108 times daily.
  3. Make a vow to complete 4 million repetitions of the Amitabha mantra of OM AMI DEWA AYUR SIDDHI HUNG HRI).

A devotee who carries out all of these aforementioned activities will definitely be able to take rebirth in Amitabha’s pureland!

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