A Teaching from Lama Rinpoche

13Once before, when I was with Lama Rinpoche, I asked, “Lama la, how’s your health?” He laughed and spoke to me, “Well, I am in good health. Have you been clinging on to this Outer Guru?”

I replied, “Yes, the moment you are sick, I will get really worried. I have been depending on the blessings of your compassion and wisdom to practice and to benefit the sentient beings! You are my Buddha in this World. ”

Lama laughed and said, “Don’t be attached! The Outer, Inner and Secret Gurus in the state of Dzogchen primordially are all pure mandala; where they are the manifestation of self-nature.” I replied, “Yes, Lama la!”

This teaching has left very deep impression in me; therefore I am sharing it with all of you. Hopefully it will be helpful to all of you.

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