Drinking and Smoking

gyalwai-18Buddhism’s prohibition of smoking and drinking is based on science. It’s a known fact that alcohol makes one’s thinking unclear. You may have heard of cases when someone under the influence of alcohol has killed their husband or wife.

Tobacco’s effect on the body is also well documented. Cigarette smoke clogs the body’s chimney. Our internal organs become like a smoke filled room and our blood flow is upset. You should quit smoking for the sake of your own health and for those you love. Do it to put the minds of your friends and family at ease. If you can’t stop all at once, you can cut down gradually.

Lastly, Buddhism teaches us ways of reducing internal suffering and increasing awareness. Using intoxicants causes an increase in internal suffering and a decrease in awareness. Smoking and drinking is a road that leads in the exact opposite direction of Buddhism. For all these reasons, Buddhism prohibits smoking and drinking.

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