What Is A Root Guru Of Great Kindness?

RootGuru_GN“Great Kindness” refers to the immense kindness that has been given to oneself, due to which one has attained realisation and liberation. Although all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have the same qualities as one’s own Root Guru, but in terms of one’s own attainment and liberation, the Guru’s kindness exceeds that of all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

“Root” – Through giving empowerments, transmitting the tantras and explaining the pith instructions, the Gurus have extended to us these three kindnesses. Among these Gurus, the Root Guru is the one who has benefitted oneself most with respect to the dharma and who has the greatest kindness in leading one to the realisation of the wisdom of emptiness.

“Guru” – Guru contains the meaning of “Unsurpassed” and he is the guide or teacher. There is the externally appearing Guru, the inner Guru and the secret Guru. The external Guru is encompassed in the aforementioned 6 types of Gurus, who directly teaches the Dharma and pith instructions to us. Apart from this external Guru, subduing one’s own mind is the inner Guru and by taming the mind, we realise the wisdom of emptiness and this is the secret Guru.

Whether any teacher is your Root Guru of Great Kindness or not depends entirely on his depth of kindness in leading one to accomplishment or liberation.

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