Why should we learn Buddhism?

gyalwai-2Everyone in this world desires happiness. Happiness can be temporary or eternal. The happiness we’ve experienced thus far has been temporary, unstable, and ephemeral. Eternal happiness can only happen when we reach enlightenment. It will transform our present experience of fleeting happiness and fleeting suffering into pure, unchanging happiness.

In our current life, we experience changes from being a newborn to getting old, suffer from sickness time over time until death. In our lifetime, we always expect something. We expect to be richer, more beautiful, to have someone to love and to be loved, a good house, and a good family life, etc. But, whenever we experience desire, the painful feeling comes with it. We feel the pain of not getting what we wish for, and we want more. We suffer from the separation from whom we loved, or not satisfy with what we already have. Happiness is always very short and sufferings always come thereafter. We are so used to the painful feeling that we even “enjoy” it. Of all types of pain, death is unpredictable and most terrifying. It can come suddenly and at any time. The experience of death is our greatest fear. Even dreams of death are highly upsetting and we wake up deeply shaken.

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