World Peace Prayer (05 Jan 2013)


By the ocean-like aspiration of the unfailing Triple Gem,
Together with the virtuous karma accumulated by oneself and others,
We pray that inauspicious omens of this inauspicious time may be pacified,
Free from disasters celebrating peace and auspiciousness in the world!

The ocean-like assembly of all the Buddhas, Guru Padmasambhava,
Have compassion on myself and all sentient beings without a protector,
When external appearances of cannon-fire, strife and terrible dangers arise,
We pray that the world be freed of all adversity and may peace ensue!

Compassionate Lord of Secrets, Vajrapani,
Take pity on myself and all sentient beings,
Uninterrupted self-afflicted kleshas (defilements) like a blazing fire,
We pray that the mind be freed of worries and rest in clarity and brilliance!

Sublime, exalted Manjushri who has perfected the two wisdoms,
Sympathize with the beings worthy of compassion during this impure eon and evil times,
On the secret level, enemies appear as the discursive confusion of attachment,
We pray for realization amidst the ultimate truth of peace!

With the inherent nature of great compassionate, holy Avalokiteshvara,
Eradicating sufferings completely like the Wish-fulfilling Jewel,
If I and others pray sincerely,
Catastrophes, wars and the negative eon will be removed and disappear,
We pray not to hear of misfortune or harm, may only sounds of fortune pervade!

—– This peace prayer was the response received when Gyalwai Nyugu (Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche) prayed with vigour to his Guru out of a sudden sense of renunciation at sunrise on 5th December 2012.

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